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Dedicated internet access UK (DIA)

BT Internet Connect UK


Dedicated service that you can rely upon

Internet Connect is our market leading, leased line, business grade internet connection. Its available almost anywhere in the UK and is fast and reliable, so you and your customers can count on it.

Internet Connect benefits and features

  • Always on, or your money back: Many providers offer a 99.9 per cent service level target. But can you really afford eight hours’ downtime a year? Our 100 per cent service level target for our fibre based services means that we provide a service you can rely upon.
  • Guaranteed speed: You won’t be sharing your connection with other customers as you may do with other suppliers, so speed stays constant, even at peak times. You can get access from 2Mbps to 10Gbps and with national coverage from a range of access choices.
  • Stay in control: You can manage your costs by changing bandwidth in as little as 72 hours, so you only pay for what you need. And you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting because you can check performance online.
  • Keep customers happy: If your access is speedy and reliable, your websites will be too. And that means a better experience for your customers and more revenue. You’ll be closer to customers too – 35 per cent of UK broadband users are on the same network.
  • Built-in security: We monitor for Denial of Service attacks as standard and BT Cleanfeed protects you against illegal content. You also have the option of malicious attack and DDoS protection. We share security measures and experience across our whole network to bring you the best there is. And we’re the UK’s number one managed IT security provider.

Web pages load in a fraction of the time they used to take and we have been able to provide more external access to lighten the workload on office-based staff.”
- Stephen Allix, Financial controller, Plastique

Internet Connect.

Internet Connect delivers uncontended, IPv6, business grade internet connectivity with a 100% SLA – to find out more watch our new video.

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The details

BT Internet Connect UK specifications

  • Access Speeds: With access speeds from 2Mbps to 10Gbps, BT Internet Connect UK is ideal for connections from a remote site to a datacentre.
  • Flexible Service speeds: within the access speed, BT Internet Connect UK offers flexible bandwidth speeds in increments from 2Mbps to 10Gbps improving cost control.
  • Resilience options: we understand the Internet is mission critical 24 x 7, so we offer a range of services to maximise availability. Dynamically routed dual homing, Failover, Load Balancing and Back-up service options, all backed up with diversely routed access services, maximising availability.
  • Security: the service is accredited to BSI 7799 / ISO 17799. BT Cleanfeed protects you against illegal content. Our optional Distributed Denial of Service mitigation protects against sophisticated attacks.
  • CPE: as a managed service BT will include a Cisco router, unless you want to provide this yourself.
  • IP and application services: the standard services of a business grade Internet service are included: domain name registration as well as primary and secondary Domain Names Services and mail relay. We also offer as many IP addresses (both IPv4 and IPv6 as standard) as you require and can justify to RIPE.
  • Performance reports: on line bandwidth utilisation reports are available for the previous 24hrs, week, month and previous months. Network performance reports are available at
  • Fix time: our service is incredibly reliable which is why we can provide the SLA levels that we can, but if there is a problem we have a range of service options, with the appropriate costs, to suit the importance of your site.


A range of access options to deliver the perfect solution

Internet Connect UK availability

We have a range of differenent access options offering different cost points, bandwidth options and service options to ensure you can create your perfect solution

Our outstanding levels of coverage are based on over 1,300 core fibre Ethernet nodes, and over 1,000 Ethernet over copper (EFM) access nodes (further 740 EFM nodes in planning for delivery by April 2015). Plus we have superfast coverage of over 66% of UK locations with plans to raise that to 90% by the end of 2015



BT Internet Connect UK

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Flexible, assured availability and performance