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ISDN2 line



Get great call quality and fast file transfer

ISDN2e gives you crystal clear call quality for up to eight phone lines. It’s ideal for smaller offices and you can also use it to transfer big files or link Local Area Networks (LANs), or for video conferencing.

ISDN2e is a high-performance voice and data service. Digital technology gives you great line quality, almost instant connections and crystal clear calls with other ISDN users. Of course, you can make and take calls to and from analogue systems too.

ISDN2e benefits

  • Count on great support - If the service goes down, you can be sure of great support.
  • Numbers for all your staff - All your people can have direct dial numbers, so callers don’t have to go through a switchboard.
  • You'll have 2 lines/channels to use separately or simultaneously, so you can do 2 things at once.
  • Using Fast File Transfer you can send files directly over the ISDN network to another computer with ISDN access and compatible file-transfer software.Useful for large documents, graphics or video files.
  • You can add further connections to your installation, increasing the number of simultaneous calls and/or available data bandwidth.

The details

ISDN2e specifications

ISDN2 lines are used for voice and data communications and start from 2 channels (lines).

You can add further connections (in pairs) up to 8 channels which increases the number of simultaneous connections and or available bandwidth. It also means as your business grows, your communications will grow with you. Any more than 8 channels, then ISDN30 may be better suited.

It can also give you access to the internet, much like a standard phone line. The key difference to a standard line being the ISDN2 channels can be used separately - so you can use the internet on one channel and receive a fax or make a call on the other.

Call quality with an ISDN2 line will nearly always be clearer and sharper than a standard phone line too.

An ISDN2 line can offer speeds of up to 128kbps (each channel is 64kbps) when the two channels combine to connect to the internet. This is faster than a standard modem. It's a good fall back option to have if needed.

If needed, you can have separate phone numbers for telephones or other devices connected to your circuit. How you do this depends on your line configuration:

  • If you connect devices directly to the circuit, you can have up to nine additional MSN phone numbers which you allocate to your equipment
  • If you use a switch/PBX, you can have an unlimited number of DDI numbers


Digital phone lines across the country

ISDN2e is available in most of the UK. We’ll need to do a survey to make sure we can provide it to you.



User guide

ISDN 2e user guide

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