LTE roaming



Your solution for global LTE roaming

Meet customer demand for global data roaming on LTE networks with our LTE Roam services key features:

  • Leading reach into LTE networks world-wide
  • Signalling and LTE data backhaul (GRX)
  • Global network for all your bandwidth needs
  • Competitive, flexible and scalable pricing
  • Enables CAPEX and OPEX savings for you
  • Covers all signalling interworking
  • Testing, monitoring and reporting included
  • Standards compliant and future proof
  • Hosted Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) option

Minimise CAPEX and OPEX while accelerating your LTE roaming

BT LTE Roam is backed by the global reach of our highspeed and quality MPLS network across more than 190 countries world-wide offering you attractive and competitive pricing as you scale your LTE roaming to meet growing customer demand.

Via nearly 100 direct interconnects or peering agreements BT LTE Roam reaches the majority of all LTE networks currently available for roaming and we include new networks as they become available.

Our extensive testing, monitoring, reporting and analysis support through centralised management and BT service helps you grow your LTE Roaming implementation quickly.

You get access to a fully GSMA standards compliant roaming solution following GSMA requirements which is future proof for integration with other roaming, such as 2.5G, 3G and Wi-fi, as well as new services, including VoLTE.

The benefits

Your benefits choosing BT as your LTE Roaming provider

The BT network is second to none if it comes to providing you with the muscle you require to long-haul growing LTE data roaming demand back to your home networks or to other regional destinations. Moreover, BT Lab testing for LTE Roam is embedded into our extensive IP Exchange lab testing enabling you to get ready for your LTE roaming fast, reliably, cost efficiently and without risk.

BT LTE Roam is backed by leading technology and network

To provide you with a scalable, state-of-the-art solution for your LTE roaming, BT is working with leading hardware and software vendors to integrate their capabilities with BT's global network and expertise. LTE Roam is combining BT solutions with Genband / F5 industry leading hardware and software supporting intelligent, dynamic and context-aware routing.

BT making the difference to your business through

  • Market leading reach
  • 20+ years BT experience in roaming
  • BT makes LTE cost efficient for you
  • BT network covers all your roaming data long-haul requirements
  • BT lab testing speeds your LTE roaming implementation up
  • We handle the complexity, you concentrate on your business


Your solution for global LTE roaming

BT LTE Roam service is available globally. You can connect to our service via Global IP Exchange via a range of flexible and cost efficient access options. Though BT LTE Roam you will gain LTE roaming access to a growing number of LTE networks with currently more than 100 directs.

Our PoPs are regionally based at key locations that compliment access to the GRX network, with access enabled in a number of ways, Public Internet but secured with IPsec, In Building Tie Cable, VPN via Equinix Ethernet Exchange, or BT IP Connect Global (Our class leading MPLS service that is available in over 198 countries)





Meet customer demand for global data roaming on LTE networks