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Telecom expense management consultancy

BT One Voice expenses Quick Start


Cut your mobile costs by up to 30 per cent

With BT One Voice expenses Quick Start, we’ll help you monitor, manage and control the costs of your mobile communications.

Are your mobile bills getting bigger? Mobile is typically the fastest-growing yet least understood part of telecoms spending, with data costs starting to outstrip voice costs.

While you’re dealing with bigger bills, employees in every role in every sector want to use smartphones and tablets of their choice at work. They’re often happy to buy devices themselves and use them at work – with or without their employer’s permission.

Our consultancy service helps you fully understand your mobile devices, systems, security, operators and tariffs, and get in control of your spending. After we’ve established exactly what you’re running, who with and how secure it is, we can highlight ways you can save money, , manage things better, and take back control.

BT One Voice expenses Quick Start benefits

See the whole picture. We’ll work out and analyse mobile costs for your whole organisation (or just one area, if you prefer) to find out if you’re paying too much. Cut costs. We check your use and billing to make sure you’re on the right tariffs and being billed correctly. With our help, organisations typically reduce mobile spending by up to 20 per cent.

Improve your policies. With accurate usage data, you’ll be able to update and improve your mobile policies, and have the evidence to enforce them.

Regain control. With the right policies, you’ll be more able to manage and control your mobile devices and how people use them.

Be ready for the future. You can only develop your mobile strategy if you understand exactly where you are now. With all the evidence you need, your forecasting and budgeting will be more accurate and persuasive.

We chose BT as our primary global mobility governance supplier because of their reactivity, flexibility and ability to fully understand our local and global requirements ... BT One Voice expenses is the telecom expense management solution that best meets our needs. We think we have chosen the right partner to help us implement strong corporate mobility policies and control and predict our mobile spending.”
- Thor Grefslie, Global Telecommunication and Network Sourcing Manager at CGG.

The details

Telecom expense management specifications

If you want to cut costs and improve how you manage mobile comms, BT One Voice expenses Quick Start packages are a flexible ‘one stop shop’.

We can work with a single business unit, or across your whole organisation including multiple countries and operations.

BT One Voice expenses Quick Start is made up of five separate services:

Health Check. We’ll analyse your costs and how your people use mobiles. With this full picture of what’s happening, we spot any trends and find areas where you’re spending the most.

Audit. We go more in depth to check you’re on the right tariffs for what you’re using, and make sure you’re being billed correctly. We do a check of your inventory to make sure it’s up to date. And we’ll also check you’re getting any discounts you were promised on your contracts.

Optimise. We’ll look at the voice, data and messaging services you’re using to find the best priced options to match your usage.

Sourcing. With our accurate picture of your mobile use and costs, we help you compare the deals and tariffs from vendors, to make sure you’re getting the best ones. Control & Policy. We’ll help you develop your mobile policy to take control of how your staff use devices.


Available globally

One Voice expenses Quick Start is currently available in UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, US. However we are expanding globally so if outside these countries please contact your account manager.


White paper

What goes Up, must come Down

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Our whitepaper looks at how you can get to grips with the cost of mobile data