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Network Services framework


The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Network Services framework agreement (RM1045).

BT continues to maintain a strong presence on the relevant Crown Commercial Service procurement frameworks.

The Network Services framework is the replacement agreement for the PSN Services (RM1498), PSN Connectivity (RM860) and Telephony Services (RM1035) frameworks. It allows public sector organisations to purchase a broad range of network connectivity and communications services from a range of 10 individual service lots. The scope of the lots includes services that are compliant with the Public Services Network (PSN) standards in addition to a range of other industry standards

Government organisations have the option to purchase, by Direct Award, listed services via this agreement from an on line catalogue. While some services can be purchased directly with a supplier under the Direct Award procedure, services can also be purchased by running a Further Competition. In a Further Competition customers invite tenders from all listed suppliers in the relevant lot and, through a two stage procedure, down select to a smaller number of capable suppliers.

BT is one of 13 suppliers that have been awarded agency status which means a public sector organisation can run a procurement, in any one of the ten lots, which includes a requirement in addition to the core lot component to assign a supplier, such as BT, to act as its agent. With BT as your agent, we can order services from the agreement on your behalf taking the pressure off running and managing medium to large scale procurements and solutions.

If you wish to discuss your requirements and how BT can help you please contact us.

The details

The Network Services framework agreement comprises of 10 individual lots, each with its own list of approved suppliers. BT has been awarded a place on each of the following lots:

Lot 1 Data Access Services

For the provision of a range of connectivity services, enabling Site-to-Site or Site-to-Cloud interconnectivity.

Lot 3 Traditional Telephony Services (Voice, Lines & Minutes)

For the provision of voice services enabling a Customer’s local traditional (i.e. non-IP) telephony equipment to be connected to the PSTN, enabling a user to make and receive telephone calls.

Lot 4 Inbound Telephony Services

For the provision of inbound call management services for an established local call centre function.

Lot 5 IP Telephony Solutions

For the provision of end-to-end IP telephony services with the ability to connect the telephony service to the PSTN, enabling a user to be able to make and receive telephone calls. The scope of this Lot is strictly IP/Internet-Protocol based.

Lot 6 Mobile Voice & Data Services

For the provision of mobile voice and/or data services.

Lot 8 Video Conferencing Services

For the provision of video-conferencing services including but not limited to all traditional and IP based conferencing services and the provision of all elements of a complete solution (excluding connectivity).

Lot 9 Audio Conferencing Services

For the provision of audio-conferencing services, including call recording and quality/usage analysis tools.


Available in the UK

BT services offered via the Network Services framework are available to all UK public sector organisations listed in the applicable OJEU notice.