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BT Cardway


PCI compliant, cost-effective card transaction processing

BT Cardway provides a PCI-DSS compliant, flexible and cost-effective solution to manage payment transaction messaging for all types of payments such as credit/debit/charge cards, loyalty cards and mobile top-ups, Internet banking and mobile banking.

BT Cardway can offer the following:

  • Wide range of connectivity options for linking different types of PEDs/PADs, PoS terminals, ATMs and to mobile payment devices to merchant acquiring banks and payment processors
  • Seamless migration from legacy technology to IP-based payment delivery – which allows transition toward faster, feature-rich IP transactions at your own pace.
  • Fully compliant to PCI-DSS standards and removing the burden of PCI for our customers when transmitting payment transactions across our infrastructure.


Key benefits

PCI-DSS compliant with a wide range of communication options

BT Cardway provides a PCI-DSS compliant and cost-effective solution for the delivery of transaction messages.

  • PCI-DSS compliant: Delivers payment traffic in a PCI-compliant manner, compliance certificates are renewed yearly.
  • Reduce costs: BT Cardway could reduce your costs by offering a competitive priced solution for transmission of your payment transactions
  • Support a wide range of transactions: Provides solutions for linking different types of PEDs/PADs, PoS terminals, ATMs and to mobile payment devices to merchant acquiring banks and payment processors
  • Choose from a wide range of connectivity options: Works with MPLS, Internet, PSTN/ISDN, 3G/4G and X.25
  • Reduce transaction times and maintain system integrity: Fast, reliable and secure infrastructure
  • Migrate to new technology at your own pace: Enables seamless migration from legacy technology to faster, feature-rich IP transactions
  • Reduce time-to-market: Tried and tested and currently used by major banks, payment processors and retailers
  • Expand your business: Offers the scalability needed for seamless expansion in domestic markets and abroad

Key features and benefits

Secure, Flexible and Reliable

BT Cardway provides:

  • A secure and flexible transaction messaging platform: Based on a proven, purpose-built infrastructure that is scalable, resilient and self-healing, offering maximum security and flexibility
  • High reliability: Infrastructure is monitored 24 x 7 by a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers
  • Cost-effective: With both transaction-based and flat-rate tariffs
  • A range of connectivity options: Multi-protocol access and delivery, including X.25, IP, 3G/4G, PSTN, ISDN and GSM Dial
  • A platform for migrating to IP: With the ability to provide translation from legacy to IP based protocols (and vice versa), the platform enables a phased migration to the latest connectivity methods
  • Reliable connections: In the event of a network or host failure, automatic call diversion provides increased reliability by providing access to multiple, alternate connections to your destination with the BT Cardway network
  • Online MI: Secure access to a dedicated online management information platform with near real-time and historical reporting of network usage.
  • 24 x 7 support: Available at all times and backed up by second- and third-line support teams, our service desk provides a rapid response and a single point of contact for any incidents

Detailed description

PCI-compliant and Flexible transaction messaging

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) protect customer card information and protects against fraud. These standards must be met by any merchant dealing with card details, and it’s crucial that all parties and systems that have access to card data are fully compliant.

PCI DSS compliance is a complex on-going process that can be time consuming, expensive, and can sometimes limit business agility. However non-compliance with these standards could damage your reputation, credibility, and customer loyalty, and potentially result in legal issues. This is why a dependable, proven, reliable and secure infrastructure is essential to ensure full compliance with PCI-DSS regulation.

Additionally the increasing complexity of the technology that supports point-of-sale, online and mobile card payments can result in spiralling transaction costs and can drain away your management time and resources. Taking advantage of the latest solutions to reduce transaction times and provide your customers with more convenient, secure and reliable transaction options is vital to remaining competitive.

BT Cardway will enable the latest technology to work alongside your legacy systems and to help migration to more cost-effective and competitive customer solutions.

BT Cardway provides a flexible network service with a wide range of connectivity options to help deliver all of your card present and card not present solutions to your customers, including payment, loyalty, mobile and other types of transactions.

Having been in the transactions business for well over 25 years, BT Cardway has a proven track record for delivering secure, resilient infrastructure, capable of delivering fast, feature-rich transaction services to retail customers.

Supporting legacy PSTN, ISDN and X.25 transactions, in addition to more up to date IP, Internet, MPLS and 3G/4G, BT Cardway allows step-by-step migration at your own pace from your legacy infrastructure to the most up to date services with added features and functionality to maintain your competitive edge.

BT Cardway has a range of competitively-priced options based upon different connectivity options and transaction profiles to help manage and potentially reduce your costs.

Technical specifications

A smooth migration and reliable transactions

BT Cardway offers seamless delivery of your card payment transactions and migration of your legacy technology to IP-based solutions, including:

  • Delivery of your PSTN and/or ISDN traffic at extremely competitive prices, with a migration path from dial-up to broadband at your own pace.
  • Delivery of all transactions, whether from legacy or current, IP access services via dedicated circuits to merchant acquiring banks and transaction processors.
  • Capable of providing in-flight translation between communications protocols, ensuring that the transaction can be carried out irrespective of the delivery methods employed by the ATM, Point of Sale Terminal, acquiring banks or processors – with the potential to reduce rental and usage charges.
  • Global solutions for PSTN/ISDN, 3G/4G, X.25, and IP traffic.
  • Full redundancy and resilience enabling business and operational continuity, even with the loss of any node or component across the entire service. In the event of the failure of a host connection or node, traffic is diverted automatically and instantly to its backup circuit and/or site, which results in more reliable transactions.

Who should buy

When BT Cardway is right for your organisation

BT Cardway helps organisations that need a PCI-DSS compliant, flexible and secure transaction messaging solution to support card authorisation, mobile and Internet payments, ATM/cash dispenser networks and other card-like transactions. BT Cardway is designed for:

  • Merchant Acquirers delivering card-based payment solutions
  • Retailers accepting card-based transactions
  • Card Processors and Payment Processors
  • Payment Service Providers
  • Banks and service providers operating ATM networks
  • Loyalty card service providers

Why BT

World-class financial technology solutions

As a leading provider of secure transaction services to the financial community, BT brings you:

  • Experience: BT has been providing networked IT services to the financial services and retail industries for over 25 years, delivering secure communication services that are depended on by the world’s largest banks, card schemes, retailers and other payment service providers
  • Compliancy to PCI-DSS: BT has extensive knowledge in PCI solutions and is committed to ensure ongoing compliancy with the PCI-DSS regulation.
  • Global reach: The BT Network reaches over 170 countries, helping our customers to expand their business operations seamlessly and cost-effectively
  • Resources: BT has a global professional services practice with over 10,000 full-time, qualified IT practitioners and consultants to support the development of your business and minimise internal overheads
  • Market-leading security: BT’s security practice has over 1,400 full-time qualified practitioners and consultants
  • A proven track record: BT is trusted to deliver mission-critical network services used by thousands of banks around the world
  • Experience and expertise: With over 20 million retail customers, BT offers significant experience and expertise in delivering network-centric solutions for retail payments



BT Cardway

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Secure, flexible and cost effective payments infrastructure.