Market data solutions

BT Radianz

Market data solutions

BT Radianz provides you with the specific market data when you want it, where you want it and in the format you need. Put simply, we can provide you with raw data direct from the source or via one of the many market data vendors connected to BT Radianz in any standard format you need.

BT Radianz market data solutions can help you:

  • lower TCO - significantly reduce your costs to access market data
  • raw data - access to raw data from over 160 sources globally
  • normalised data - access data from the leading market data vendors globally and regionally
  • alternative data - access many niche data sources and alternative data sources
  • connect quickly - provision new data feeds for on-net customers very quickly
  • one-stop solution - fulfil all your market data needs including connectivity, hosting and access to venues.



BT Radianz services overview

PDF - 855 KB

How the BT Radianz Cloud supports the largest secure networked financial community in the world

BT Radianz Global FIX connectivity

PDF - 170 KB

Using the FIX Protocol and BT Radianz services to reach the world’s largest FIX user community

BT for Financial Services – Global FX

PDF - 492 KB

Connectivity to the global FX markets.

BT Radianz Messaging

PDF - 358 KB

Fully managed, secure, end-to-end financial messaging

BT Radianz Hosting

PDF - 361 KB

Managed hosting services in BT and third-party data centres


BT Radianz Providers and Brokers

PDF - 387 KB

Examples of some of the 400+ service providers that are part of the BT Radianz Cloud community