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Low latency financial cloud

BT Radianz Connect

The benefits

The benefits

Optimised latency access to markets

To support high-speed electronic trading you need low latency solutions, but they need to be cost-efficient while still being outstandingly fast. Building a low-latency trading architecture circuit by circuit is a complex and ongoing process where the components need to be continually updated to maintain that leading edge, and buying all of the components is capital-intensive at a time when firms are under increasing pressure to meet regulatory requirements for capital adequacy.

BT has been successfully delivering the BT Radianz Cloud platform for the financial community for some 12 years, and has used that practical experience in financial markets and its expertise in network and cloud technology to create the BT Radianz Connect cloud platform to provide low-latency access to financial centres internationally.

BT Radianz Connect does exactly that – it links point-to-point to and between hosting venues in major financial centres where market participants and execution venues locate their trading technology. It uses optimised latency links as the core of this platform that is shared by multiple market participants to gain the greatest economies of scale for all users while also benefiting from low latency. And it comes with a Service Level Agreement designed to deliver 100% availability.

BT Radianz Connect is available in non-BT hosting centres as well as ones that BT owns and manages, and that also applies to BT Radianz Hosting that provides managed hosting services from basic co-location to fully-managed hosting. And in BT hosting centres we can offer additional services including “remote hands” on a 24x365 basis.

BT has already pre-provisioned some 40 hosting centres in major financial centres around the world to make it quick for our customers to take advantage of this cloud platform. These hosting centres already have access to the BT Radianz Cloud which includes the largest secure networked financial community in the world. This means that our customers can have all of the benefits of a managed low-latency cloud platform for business operations where speed is of the essence as well as all of the advantages of a managed cloud platform to access the whole range of clients, counterparties, market infrastructures and service providers that are fundamental to their day-to-day business.

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What it costs

The benefits of a “cloud” approach

By rationalising how you link to multiple hosting centres, market data sources and execution venues so that you can reach them via a single, reliable and secure infrastructure, not only do you reduce your own operational costs but you can also help to reduce operational costs for the party at the other end of the link as well.

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More reasons to buy

Fast in speed and reach

BT’s engineering team designs and manages all connectivity to ensure that customers have the capacity and resiliency needed. Connectivity is constantly monitored, so as market volumes grow or customer requirements change, BT is able to scale each customer’s connectivity quickly and remotely, with no site visit required. This unique, scalable design allows user of BT Radianz Connect services to connect to new venues faster.

We’ve been receiving accolades from our users year-on-year for being the best in the world at what we do - in 2016 and 2017 we were recognised with the following awards:

  • BEST NETWORK PROVIDER: BT Radianz Cloud – Waters Technology Rankings 2016
  • BEST CLOUD PROVIDER TO THE SELL-SIDE: BT Radianz Cloud - Sell-Side Technology awards 2016 & 2017
  • BEST SELL-SIDE TRADING NETWORK: BT Radianz Cloud – Sell-Side Technology awards 2016

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Technical specs

A private managed cloud solution

We manage the physical and operational aspects of service delivery, monitoring that your organisation has the access capacity that it needs and working with you on an ongoing basis to make sure that it is right-sized for your business operations. This is a managed service that delivers access to a huge community of members and service providers internationally across all aspects of the financial services sector, and that is designed to a “financial services-strength” service level of 100% availability.

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In financial centres internationally

BT Radianz Connect is being made available in more cities and hosting centres on an ongoing basis.

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Serving the whole financial community

BT Radianz Connect is particularly applicable for banks, brokers, investment firms, exchanges, ECNs, MTFs and market infrastructures that need optimal latency links to financial centres, between financial centres and as part of their own architecture. It is a vital component of any approach for high-speed trading and algorithmic trading.

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Service Level Agreement

The BT Radianz Connect service is designed from the ground up to deliver a 100% level of service.



BT Radianz Services overview

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How the BT Radianz Cloud supports the largest secure networked financial community in the world

BT Radianz Global FIX Connectivity

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Using the FIX Protocol and BT Radianz services to reach the world’s largest FIX user community


BT Radianz Providers and Brokers

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Examples of some of the 400+ service providers that are part of the BT Radianz Cloud community.