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Number Management Made Easy Across the UK and the World!

The management of incoming voice traffic is of strategic importance for today’s customer-centric organisations. From moving offices, to rolling over of unanswered calls to alternate locations to diverting desk calls to mobile devices, BT has the technology through use of the cloud to help businesses move voice calls around with more agility and intelligence by giving them true smart numbers.

To achieve customer satisfaction goals and improve organisational performance, companies need to ensure calls are delivered reliably and handled efficiently at all times. BTsmartnumbers is a cloud-based product capability that can deliver highly resilient and flexible number management for incoming calls which can improve how calls are delivered and managed across your organisation. Through the use of an intuitive business portal, companies can seamlessly manage the day-to-day delivery of incoming calls (regionally or globally), as well as managing an unforeseeable incident or voice continuity/disaster recovery events. BT smartnumbers is also compelling technology to assist companies in office moves, those who need to protect critical numbers or having phone calls roll-over to alternative locations or devices, even to global locations.

This cloud-based technology means BT smartnumbers overcome the limitations of local infrastructure and local exchanges; and, intelligently manages calls based on your specific business requirements for call delivery and number management. It also embraces fixed-mobile convergence strategies with its own BYOD capabilities, such as a mobile app that gives you access to our intelligent business portal. The BTsmartnumbers services are used by large often dispersed organisations such as banks, utilities, government, the Ministry of Defense and its partners, and those who wish to seek new sources of competitive advantage, improve operational agility,reduce risk, and make cost savings.

BT smartnumbers cloud technology support business transformation through a range of incoming voice applications that are flexible, resilient and simple-to-use. Each service is tailored to your specific business processes and can scale from individuals, to teams and across entire organisations, and if necessary, across the globe.

The applications are delivered from the cloud and enable you to realise the following key benefits:

Empowering and Protecting Critical Telephone Numbers:

Your telephone numbers is an extension of your business brand—an asset and an ambassador to your business. The way you handle these incoming calls is essential for the following reasons:

  • Ensures that during estate rationalisation or office moves, geographic numbers can be delivered easily to any UK destination or to a global site within the BT Global One Voice Network.
  • De-risks infrastructure consolidation that includes desperate platforms, such as SIP and TDM, using both the cloud-based applications and the intuitive business portal.
  • Technology migration and integration projects are eased by separating number management from the connectivity giving total control of call routing to the customer. It is agnostic to network type and operates across PSTN, SIP-T, Featurenet networks.
  • Voice continuity and disaster recovery capabilities through the inherent design of the smart network and business portal.

Offers improved business agility and performance

  • Improves customer service – effective handling of incoming calls by individuals, virtual teams or contact centre agents in the UK or to BT Global One sites.
  • Improves collaboration and team working of virtual dispersed teams, community teams, or job sharing.
  • Simplifies office moves and reduced estate costs – by enabling individuals or teams to work from any location and continue to receive calls as normal.
  • Improves staff retention and reducing travel costs through flexible working, hot-desking and home working.
  • Removes geographic number range limitations associated with the local exchange.
  • Improves communications between people, putting the business and the individual in control of where their calls are delivered.
  • Personal call delivery control via a mobile app will allow individual staff to control their number routing and availability. This mobile app has compliant call recording for both incoming and out-going calls.

Easing the use of BYOD

  • Reduces mobile costs as your employee provides the mobile device whilst the organisation owns the number. This is a business number on an employee’s personal phone, enabled by an app. You own the number, they own the phone.
  • The organisation owns the call answering policies
  • Calls, voice mail and text messages are kept separate from personal communications.
  • Facilitates compliant call recording

Improvements in business resilience

  • Improves resilience through the removal of any dependency upon on-premise voice systems or local public telephony infrastructure.
  • Reduces costs of out of area recovery to make better use of your existing data centre recovery investment.

Improvements in compliance

  • Ensures that businesses meet today’s legislative on Business Continuity by providing a voice continuity solution which also supports the right for parents to request flexible working.

All BT smartnumbers applications are delivered from the resilient cloud-based network with no hardware or software to install, making the service fast and simple to deploy. Applications are available on a subscription basis avoiding upfront, often high, CAPEX charges.

Get in touch with your BT Account Manager or email us ( to request a quote and learn more about BT smartnumbers and how you can increase agility and resilience, and reduce costs.

The MOD needs to squeeze more people into its buildings. BT smartnumbers brings individuals and teams both flexibility and resilience. It is well suited to meet our needs.”
– Maj D A Whitaker, DE&S ISS, Ministry of Defence

As a hosted voice service, smartnumbers plays a key role in our disaster recovery planning. In the unlikely event that we lost telephony services at both our Glasgow and Milton Keynes offices, the smartnumbers service will ensure that callers can still be routed through to home-based counselors, ensuring business continuity at all times.”
– Dawn Mellor, Telephone Counseling Centre Manager, ICA


BT smartnubmers is available for calls originating from the UK. BT smartnumber calls can be delivered to any destination a customer has on the BT Global One Voice network.

Technical specs

Network services

BT smartnumbers applications bring the resilience of the core PSTN closer to your corporate network. Without geographic limitation, calls made to your business can now be delivered onto your network (whether Featurenet, IP, TDM, SIP T or Global One Voice) with greater flexibility and resilience than previously available. Calls are delivered for onward routing and call treatment by your corporate voice services. In this scenario BT smartnumbers fulfils the role of ensuring calls made to your staff continue to reach your network if the primary routing or building becomes inoperable. The service will automatically re-route incoming calls upon detection of Network Unavailable (NU) or congestion. Once the problem is cleared, calls will revert back to the primary routing path.

Normal call routing and automatic failover can be over-ridden through any touch-tone telephone at any time. Calls can be forced through either path or in accordance with dial plan data entered through a dedicated web portal.

Each application has its own service description which are available upon request.