Voice Reseller



Give your brand a voice. We make the connections.

We enable resellers, brand extenders and other communications service providers to offer European-wide voice services to customers. It means you can develop your own branded and competitively priced communication services without investing in switching, network or interconnection technologies. While you act as a single point of contact and handle billing responsibilities, our end-to-end managed service takes care of all call-related capabilities.

Key benefits

Extensive reach without extensive investment

With the BT Voice Reseller Service you can become a voice service provider - without investing in infrastructure, draining your in-house resources or compromising your call-related capabilities.

Our managed service enables you to:

  • Outsource full responsibility for all aspects of call routing to BT.
  • Receive timely and accurate information to help effectively monitor usage and invoice end-users for services received.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a highly-redundant, European-wide digital network without the up-front technology investment.
  • Terminate national, international and mobile calls.
  • Enhance your corporate identity by offering cost-effective branded telephony services to your customers.
  • Gain the capacity to efficiently bar and unbar individual lines at short notice.
  • Quickly and efficiently provision customers on the BT network.
  • Extend your reach through interconnecting with our carefully selected suppliers to ensure high-quality, cost-effective call termination.
  • Act as a single point of contact for your customers and control end-user billing.

Key features

Providing seamless access to new revenue streams

We provide a fully managed, end-to-end service that enables you to provide high-quality voice capabilities and generate new revenue streams while we take care of the rest.

Our Voice Reseller Service includes:

Call collection: We take care of end-user call collection and termination to the required destination.

Call authorisation: We employ caller line identification (CLI) screening to ensure that you can accurately charge customers for calls made via the service.

A dedicated e-Tool: Enabling you to quickly and efficiently provision end-users on the BT network.

A choice of network access: Depending on your regulatory environment and our in-country capabilities you can access the service through either:

  • Indirect Access (also known as Switched Access)
  • Direct Access (also known as Dedicated Access)
  • Wholesale Line Rental (dependent on particular geographic regulations)

Call detail records (CDR): We provide timely and accurate information to help you retain full control when billing your end-users.

A dedicated portal: The European Reseller System (ERS) that enables you to quickly and efficiently bar and unbar individual lines at short notice.

Flexible billing: We provide regular and accurate invoices and enable you to monitor your traffic on a web-based utility.

Detailed description

Delivering comprehensive call collection capabilities

With our Voice Reseller Service we handle all of the call-related capabilities to enable you to concentrate on building your own branded service and exploiting new business opportunities.

Comprehensive call collection capabilities:

  • Technology: You use our switches, interconnects with other operators and European-wide high-quality network to underpin your reach and capabilities.
  • Call collection:  Taking your fixed national, international and mobile calls and terminating them at your specified destination via our global networks.

We provide a variety of call collection capabilities, including:

Indirect access (aka switched access) through:

  • Carrier selection (also known as "call-by-call") where the end-user dials a specific code in front of each destination number to indicate to the fixed-line operator that the call is to be treated by BT (Only available in Germany)
  • Carrier pre-selection, where the choice of operator is pre-programmed into the local exchange for outgoing traffic.
  • Code Borrowing, where you use a BT carrier selection code for your end-users
  • Code Hosting, where you have your own code hosted on the BT network.

Direct access (aka dedicated access), where, depending on geography, BT can deliver incoming call capabilities to end-users via the BT telephone number.

Wholesale Line Rental (WLR). WLR is available in geographies where BT is allowed to rent lines on wholesale terms and re-brand them to enable BT or our resellers to invoice end-users.

We provide you with:

A dedicated e-Tool for provisioning enables you to simply and efficiently provision your customers on the BT network. The e-Tool enables:

  • Activation and de-activation of caller line identifiers (CLIs) on the network.
  • Activation of pre-selection with local incumbent operators.
  • Bulk uploading of CLI activation/de-activation orders.

Comprehensive reporting of call records to help you serve your customers more effectively. We provide, dependent on the type of access you use, accurate rated or unrated call detail records (CDRs) in electronic format, via file transfer protocol (FTP). Delivered on a daily basis, they detail customer usage and help you monitor and collect revenue more efficiently.

Who should buy

Extend your brand. Don’t over-extend your business.

Our Voice Reseller Service is aimed at brand extenders, resellers and other telecommunications service providers who want to develop their own branded and competitively priced voice services without investing in high-cost infrastructure.

Why BT

The technology, quality and reach you need

When you offer your own branded services underpinned by our extensive reach and capabilities you can be assured of receiving high-quality, cost-effective voice communications. We have extensive knowledge and experience in delivering the very latest communications technologies to a global customer base, and can enable you to deliver the same technical capabilities to your customers - without the added complexity of managing the technology.

Industry recognition for our customer service and technological capabilities is extensive and includes:

  • Best Global Wholesale Offering: for BT Global Telecom’s 21st century operator services at the Global Wholesale Awards 2007.
  • Best Customer Care: World Communication Awards 2007. BT Global Services also won the "Convergence Award" at the same event and was highly-commended in the "Best Global Operator" category.
  • Frost and Sullivan, European Customer Value Enhancement Award 2008: for innovative value creation and enhancement strategies.


Currently available in Germany, Benelux, Spain and Italy. Please contact your BT account manager for specific country information.