Voice Termination



Providing you with a single global voice

Global travel and widely dispersed business locations are now a common factor within your customers’ lives. Yet supplying the worldwide mobile and voice networks they require can often be plagued by multiple contract negotiations and incompatible technologies. BT removes these hurdles, offering you a single, high-quality, cost-effective managed service to connect your customers - no matter where they are.

Key benefits

Keeping your customers in touch around the globe

By taking advantage of our experience, technology and global presence, you can provide enhanced voice communication services without the need for a large capital investment. This enables you to:

  • Expand your customer base by offering flexible services capable of distributing calls to multiple technologies and diverse locations.
  • Reduce overheads by using a single connection from BT - consolidating your rate negotiation, routing and billing onto a stable cost base.
  • Improve revenue from incremental in-bound termination by providing a consistent and reliable call connection service.
  • Offer quick and easy implementation, enhanced service management and planning through our end-to-end professional support.
  • Increase voicemail retrievals for international roamers.
  • Provide a one-stop-shop for all your customers’ voice termination requirements through our global contacts and multiple subsidiaries.

Key features

A 21st century communications package

The comprehensive International Voice Services we provide are designed to offer a 21st century communications package. Key features include:

  • Direct routing: connect to virtually every mobile operator in Europe and access comprehensive coverage in North America, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Asia, which is increasing by one new interconnect per month.
  • Integrated services digital network (ISDN): video telephony for 3G handsets offered in more than 64 countries
  • Controlled connection: through adaptable voice routing services, we seek the best price/quality ratio available for you and your customers.
  • Roaming coverage: access to more than 650 global mobile signalling operators offering instant call and messaging access – regardless of location.
  • Destination monitoring: we use industry-recognised testing methods, including:
    – Average Length of Conversation (ALOC)/Average Call Duration (ACD)
    – Activation Service Requests (ASR)
    – Network Equipment Room (NER)
    – Caller Line Identification (CLI)
  • Single connection: by using BT to meet all your requirements, you increase usage capacity and lower network costs.

Detailed description

Global connections, as simple as making a phone call

BT International Voice Services provide wholesale carrier and other customers with the call services today’s expanding marketplace demands. BT offers high-quality, cost-effective voice and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) connections on a global scale. This traffic is delivered via our extensive network of correspondent (fixed and mobile operator) partnerships, our own facilities and carefully selected third-party suppliers.

Our network fully supports the performance requirements of mobile originated, retail and roaming voice traffic, with controlled routing to seek the best options available. We offer multiple access points to minimise bandwidth costs and facilities provision with strategically located global points of presence (PoP) supported by robust cable access.
Carriers can achieve savings on individual routes and also across the entire routing network - where managing a large number of suppliers requires significant operational resources.

Our International Voice Services deliver three service levels to suit your individual requirements, including:


  • Provides good average success rate (ASR), but may accept reduced stability depending on price.
  • Uses any available enabler, including IP carriers, as there is no guarantee for fax capabilities.
  • Unsuitable for Mobile Operators as CLI cannot be guaranteed.


  • Good ASR, supports fax and also, where possible, CLI on all fixed and mobile destinations.
  • Aims to provide premium quality on mobile destinations but without guarantees. Supports mobile station roaming number (MSRN) delivery and is an effective option for carriers with large traffic volumes from a mobile affiliate.
  • Doesn’t use IP carriers in case of delay, or carriers known or suspected of using SIM gateways.


  • Provides guaranteed CLI and MSRN delivery to 300+ international destinations by forced routing to a limited number of suppliers, including Direct Mobile Operators and some bilaterals.
  • Aimed at Mobile Operators and retail carriers with significant mobile origin / destined traffic.
  • No use of IP carriers, as any delay will impact mobile calls sooner than fixed calls.

Who should buy

Who should buy

Our International Voice Services are aimed at customers requiring a rich termination feature-set, including CLI, fax, ISDN and MSRN support. Mobile and retail operators that require access on premium routes to global destinations, either directly or through carefully selected third-party providers, are ideally placed to benefit from our services.

BT’s capacity to guarantee CLI presentation to end-users and routing to MSRN provides the highest level of support for roaming traffic. And with the emergence of Mobile Virtual Network Operators you don’t even need to own a network to become a mobile operator and take advantage of our global voice capabilities.

Why BT

Adaptability, accessibility and affordability

BT is actively involved in the trialling and input into the global system for mobile communications IP eXchange (GSMA IPX). We provide expertise for call detail records, end-to-end service agreements and quality of service measures. We are also using our expertise to support the technical trials of next-generation networks.

Our global reach and experience:

BT is connected to more than 680 carriers in 145 countries, switched over 15 billion international minutes in 2007/08, and continues to expand the number of mobile interconnects in addition to more than 150 already in service.

We have always focused on providing best quality voice services to our customers and on offering competitive rates and market-leading quality of service. We also have the buying power and substantial minute volumes to negotiate excellent rates with other Tier1 carriers. BT believes that each customer is unique and we take the time to understand your specific requirements in order to provide the best service for your end users.


Available globally. Please contact your BT account manager for specific country information.