Calls & lines services

For valuable discounts when you commit to minimum usage levels.

BT One

Call traffic monitoring

BT Call Tracker

Are you missing incoming calls, and how much is this affecting your customer experience or costing you in missed opportunities?

Consolidated BT billing

BT OneBillPlus

Multiple bills are a hassle. We’ll deliver a single bill to help you improve efficiency and identify cost savings.


BT Featureline and Featureline Compact

A phone line with advanced call management features for a set monthly rental fee

Inbound Analyst

BT Inbound Analyst

A dynamic data mining and analysis tool that enables you to evaluate and improve the inbound telemarketing call experience.

ISDN2 line


Get a great quality line and fast data transfer

ISDN30e line


Boost your internet access and phone quality with up to 30 ISDN channels at 64kbps each.

Number Management Made Easy

BT smartnumbers

BT smartnumbers delivers cloud based communication services that provide greater flexibility and resilience to where and how people work.

Online consolidated BT billing

BT Analyst Converge

BT Analyst Converge is a powerful, online billing analysis tool giving you immediate access to your BT OneBillPlus data.


BT Business Exchange Lines

Reliable, flexible phone lines for big and small businesses