Secure networks

Secure networks for your organisation

BT Radianz

Accessing the global financial community

BT Radianz Provider

Making your services accessible to the largest secure networked financial community in the world.

BT Radianz

Connect to Euroclear’s EasyWay service using BT Radianz

Clearing and settlement

BT SettleNET

BT SettleNET - The secure messaging solution for users of CREST, operated by Euroclear UK and Ireland.

Data centres for financial services

BT Radianz Hosting

Managed hosting services for the financial community internationally.

Financial Markets Extranet

Thomson Reuters Financial Community Network

BT Radianz Thomson Reuters FCN connectivity.

Financial markets extranet

BT Radianz Member

Access services quickly, reliably and cost-effectively from hundreds of providers across all of the financial services sector internationally.

Optimised communications to financial markets venues

BT Radianz Connect

The BT cloud platform provides low latency for accessing hosting centres execution venues internationally.

Radianz Services

Supporting the world’s largest secure networked financial community.

Secure messaging

BT Radianz Messaging

Secure, fully managed, non-repudiable message exchange service.