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Behind every great device is a great network. With the right control and connectivity you can deliver a great user experience on any device.

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Behind every great device is a great network

We are in the middle of an exciting wave of change in the way people communicate, collaborate and work.  

Smart devices allow people to do great things by becoming more innovative in the tools and applications they use.  This can transform the way they work and give organisations a real business edge.   But no matter how great the device is, without connectivity it is very limited.   

Employees don’t want to think about what is happening beyond their device, they just want it to work.  But, the experience they get depends on how quick it is, how easy to get connected and what they can access. 

With our partner Cisco, we commissioned a piece of research that reveals the trends in how IT Decision Makers and employees feel about the ways their organisations are responding to Bring Your Own Device.

  • Almost 50% of employees are now permitted to use their own device for work, and some are still using them even though not allowed.

And benefits are being seen:

  • Of all IT managers, 60% think that the use of smart devices has also helped productivity within the organisation

But it is bringing about some different challenges:

  • Exponential growth in the use of smart devices has led to significant increases in bandwidth demand across 84% of organisations surveyed globally.
  • More than half (56%) of IT managers have also noticed a performance decline in some applications, which undermines the productivity gains promised by smart devices.

The introduction of smart devices into an organisation, whether personal or corporate owned, need not be complicated.  By focusing on just 3 areas you can build a solution for a successful BYOD implementation:

Control – whether people like it or not – you have to define what information they see and what applications they get based on who they are, where they are and what device they are using. 

Connect – everyone, employees and customers, now expect to be able to connect wirelessly wherever they are.   Most organisations will have a wireless network but it is not keeping up with demand.  

Experience - a connected world drives more network usage.  People expect a seamless experience whether inside or outside the office and want you to give them that experience with easy access to the information and applications they need.

Our innovative portfolio delivers a complete solution We can build the backbone through a fit for purpose infrastructure and flexible but robust wireless network. We provide the management tools to ensure only the right people are accessing your information.  We deliver secure and cost effective mobile access whilst protecting your data.  We have solutions to optimise your network and capacity, whilst identifying and controlling costs.


Introduce BYOD into your organisation

The rise of the 'smart' device is changing the way we work today. BYOD is happening and it is here to stay. Find out how our end-to-end solution can help you to improve collaboration and productivity, deliver secure and cost effective access, whilst protecting your data, managing the devices and identifying and controlling costs. All supported and implemented by a clear BYOD strategy and policy.

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Creating the network to cope with smart devices

Your network has to change to successfully support the introduction of smart devices – be they personal or corporate.  The current network architecture is likely to struggle with the way these connect to the network, the capacity they need and the pace at which the user expects them to work.  The user just wants that same experience of work whichever device they use.  So a network that supports this new way of working is vital. 

We can provide the Intelligent Hybrid network solution, with a robust  wireless network, a next-generation identity and access control policy platform, to give a flexible, scalable solution that gives a seamless user experience whilst enforcing compliance and enhancing  infrastructure security.

  • Determine access to corporate resources by user, function and device
  • Enable simple, affordable access
  • Enhance commercial flexibility

Giving customers connectivity on my premises

Most of your customers are using smart devices.  Allowing them to access your wireless network make them feel “at home” and opens up new ways of talking to them.  Being able to push targeted information and offers introduces new ways to improve customer service and generate revenue. 

Our wireless LAN solutions allow you to give your customers that connectivity. Our identity and location solutions give you the information you need to personalise their experience.

Imagine a retailer being able to see where shoppers are in store. They can start to identify customer trends and high-value shoppers. They can even market directly to them depending on where they are, improving the shopping experience and generating more revenue as a result

Healthcare professionals can have closer engagement with patients, giving them the option of self-service facilities. Staff can enjoy better visibility of where equipment is, saving time and resources when they need it

Hospitality workers can offer a more personal guest experience with targeted offers, such as a free dessert or bottle of wine if a hotel guest books a table online.

  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Flexible coverage to deliver a more personal experience
  • Self service provisioning, saving time and money

Providing secure access, wherever you are, whatever device

We are now more connected than ever before. But when there are no clear boundaries between work space, public space and private space, how do you secure your network, your applications and data? More mobile working can undeniably boost productivity and flexibility and it is fundamental to business resilience. But what if employees want to connect from an Internet café or home network? Or use their own devices at work? Who is responsible for what and how does this affect corporate liability? What is certain is that most organisations urgently need to reassess their approach to secure access so that they can reap all the benefits of mobile working with confidence. 

We provide secure remote access solutions for employees using smart devices.  Allowing secure connectivity to your network, wherever they are.  We can provide a simple and effective way to access applications and information, whilst protecting you from internet threats.

  • Enable simple, cost effective mobile access
  • Enforce corporate mobility policy
  • Control simple access to corporate applications
  • Increase productivity through self service applications

A cost-effective corporate policy for BYOD

A successful implementation of BYOD will only happen with the right policies are in place that address management, security, and infrastructure.  This requires careful planning and coordination.

Employees have to be part of this.  They must realise there’s more to BYOD than the freedom to access corporate resources whenever they want from whatever device they like. It’s a two way street. Employees need to give a little – if only a password on their device - to get what they want.

The technology is available to deliver the BYOD experience, but the real advantage comes from changing the way people act, communicate and coordinate using their own devices.

Our consultancy process will allow you to build a step by step guide to successfully introducing smart devices, We will help with designing a network to meet new connectivity requirements, whilst controlling devices and access, all with solutions to help you manage your costs:

  • Define and implement a BYOD strategy
  • Improve flexibility in a fast changing environment
  • Define and enforce security policies
  • Achieve savings of up to 30 per cent on mobile bills


White paper

BT and Cisco ‘Beyond Your Device’ research

PDF - 503 KB

Research that compares and contrasts attitudes to BYOD among IT decision makers and office workers.


BYOD overview

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