Innovation is at the heart of making the Digital Possible

Innovation is not something given to one team to make happen, it’s part of everyone’s job. We see the potential for innovation everywhere. Whether it’s creating new products, refining the way organisations work, or directly improving customer experience, this is how we enable businesses to do more.

We innovate how we bring solutions together to solve problems. We innovate in our services, delivery and our contractual agreements. It’s how we help you get more value, better performance and the business outcomes you desire.

Simple, secure, flexible and future proof network

At the core sits our network and its capabilities. We explore potential and practical technologies, focusing on how these can improve our services to be better for your business.

Cloud Innovation

Our Cloud of Clouds strategy is a way of successfully operating in a digital economy that is rapidly changing.

Cloud of Clouds allows you to maximise your current IT investments as well as future-proofing your current decisions. You can easily and securely connect to the applications, data and services you want to - all regardless of where those services are hosted and based. It’s designed to give you a fast, secure, reliable route into cloud computing with the choice and control you need.

That is why we’re the Cloud Services Integrator of choice.

Our innovation credentials

We are world's oldest communications company, yet are known as a major technology innovator who pioneers the digital advances that shape and drive the information age.

We’ve created many of the technologies behind the world of communications as we know it today.

Our innovation credentials