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Innovation is at the heart of making the Digital Possible

Innovation is not something given to one team to make happen, it's part of everyone's job. We see the potential for innovation everywhere. Whether it's creating new products, refining the way organisations work, or directly improving customer experience, this is how we enable businesses to do more.

We innovate how we bring solutions together to solve problems. We innovate in our services, delivery and our contractual agreements. It's how we help you get more value, better performance and the business outcomes you desire.


Research and innovation

We bring together expertise and resources (both our own and third-party) at our eight global development centres.

Our open innovation model helps to accelerate the pace of transformation in our customers' businesses, protecting them from digital disruption, and fast-tracking commercial success.

Adastral Park in the UK is our technology headquarters. It's an innovation campus which we share with around 70 high-tech companies, and a workplace for around 3,700 people. Here we have the largest network test bed in the world. We host over 200 large companies, and influencers, every year. And the reactions we get tell us we're on the right track.

Alongside Adastral, we have showcases located in: London, Sevenoaks, as well as Amsterdam, Paris, Beijing, Brussels, Delhi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Madrid, Milan, Mumbai, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

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Research and innovation

Innovation 2017

We hosted a technology exhibition on 12 and 13 June to show how innovation is set to transform businesses now and in the future

Here's what happened:

  • We demonstrated a range of future technologies, including tools to enable automated decision-making, innovations that facilitate and automate customer interactions, and the technology which will allow security operation centres to perform cyber hunting.
  • Our showcases were open for customers to immerse themselves in replicas of real environments and understand how technology can help them thrive in unexpected ways.
  • We heard from BT and external speakers, such as our Head of Customer Insight & Futures, Dr Nicola Millard.

Innovation 2017 – our highlights

We hosted a technology exhibition on 12 and 13 June to show how innovation is set to transform businesses now and in the future. Here’s what happened.

Innovation partnerships

Both BT and its partners have an illustrious history of competing successfully at the top with cutting edge technology - great British brands determined to win as a team on the world stage.

Ben Ainslie Racing

Ben Ainslie Racing

We're part of Land Rover BAR's Technical Innovation Group (TIG) and are the Technology in Sustainability Partner. We're contributing expertise in fixed and mobile networking, software engineering and user interface design.

Williams Martini Racing

Williams Martini Racing

One of the most successful Formula One teams in the world, the Williams Martini Racing team relies on BT to connect the race team from every trackside around the world to the race operations centre in Grove, Oxfordshire (UK).

Case studies

Case studies

Learn about the challenges we've helped our customers face and overcome, and how organisations just like yours get better when they work with us.

We bring together expertise and resources

Our innovation credentials

We are world's oldest communications company, yet are known as a major technology innovator who has created many of the technologies behind the world of communications as we know it today. Our customers trust us to provide high performance, integrated and secure network and IT infrastructure services. Our portfolio strategy, the Cloud of Clouds, creates powerful new possibilities by combining our capabilities and expertise with those of our market-leading partners, globally into one cloud ecosystem. This is what truly brings digital initiatives to life for our customers.

Our innovation credentials
Search and deploy

Search and deploy

Our innovation scouting team scans for ideas and expertise generated by third parties. They are busy evaluating everything from brand new technologies, trends in the market, and game-changing business propositions.

We have a presence at the world's hotspots, including Silicon Valley, Isreal, Japan, Korea, India, China, and throughout Europe.


Our hothouse events bring people together to discuss common challenges and identify opportunities. They've revolutionised the way we develop our projects and meet customer needs. Teams of people with different skills and knowledge compete to produce the best solution to a common business problem over the course of a few days. In some cases we have seen a 75% improvement in new product (concept to market) delivery time.
Get in touch to discuss how we can help solve your business challenge.

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Network innovation roadmap

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