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Our service story

At BT, we put our customers first and we know that service is at the heart of our relationship with you. We believe that customer service and customer experience are critical, and we always strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

What we do matters to you and the success of your organisation, so we pride ourselves on being a partner you can trust.

We support you with the right people, the right skills and the right industry knowledge. We are always focused on service and making sure we deliver when we say we will, with the quality and performance we pride ourselves on. Our service is continually evolving to ensure we provide you with the best possible service and experience.

We put you first, always.

Service from BT

The IT environment is becoming ever more complicated, and the need for excellent customer service is becoming ever more important.

It’s hard to successfully manage IT complexities and provide a great service to your customers and users.

We make sure you enjoy a great experience, with everything working – devices, apps, networks and data centres. We understand the importance of this to your business, and we make it a priority.

In an increasingly complex world of IT, you are looking for a partner that can:

  • Remove barriers and delays to business innovation and change
  • Reduce IT deployment time
  • Provide transparent performance and end-to-end availability to trade
  • Implement, monitor and enforce end-to-end security
  • Delivery reduced TCO
  • Reduce costs and complexity overheads from multi-provider contracts
  • Deliver rapid innovation and improvements in customer experience.

Within Service from BT, we have our Cloud of Clouds service integration approach which is about integrating and supporting your organisation. We deliver a framework of value / service and cost benefits, including end-to-end service levels and guarantees, benchmarking, transparency, and continuous improvement.

Cloud of Clouds service integration includes three propositions:

  • Managed service from BT - a BT multi-product solution sale which offers a complete, integrated service wrap. This is underpinned by project-managed installation and delivery, a single service desk, and highly qualified technical desks to proactively manage and assure a customer's services in-life.
  • Network Service Integration (NSI) - an outsourcing solution which can be made up of BT and third party solutions. We offer flexible end-to-end service management across a multi-sourced, multi-tower environment that is either wholly or partially defined by the customer with the option for vendor contracts to be owned by them or us.
  • Cloud Services Integration (CSI) - involves BT and third party solutions covering networks (BT Connect), cloud (BT Cloud Compute) and security (BT Assure). We offer flexible and end-to-end design, delivery and management of a customer's chosen cloud environments. Combining the best of the customer's, ours and public cloud services to create a truly optimised IT environment for the customer's current and future business needs.

Key benefits from our service include:

  • Deep expertise and insight with global reach and strong local presence, and geographies aligned to best meet your operational needs.
  • Always-on service approach for delivery, availability and performance underpinned by our best-in-class service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Reliable and consistent customer services across all our product and solutions.
  • Continuous innovation to proactively improve the service you receive whilst giving you control.
  • Continuous investment in tools, systems, processes and our people to deliver the service insight and expertise you need.
  • Industry and sector expertise, knowledge and experience allow you to use best practice and explore new opportunities.
  • Quick and easy access as to how your services are performing through our online dashboards, tools and analytics provided through our My Account portal.

We are focussed on providing you with the right service in the right way at the right time.

Here are some examples of who we’ve helped and how.

  • "Being a truly international provider, BT is able to offer us a comprehensive technical solution and an excellent customer service in Western and Eastern Europe as well as in Asia."
    - Dr. Wolfgang Standhaft, Group CIO, HeidelbergCement.
  • “We’d had negative experiences with network service providers. We needed a partner who could resolve issues in a timely fashion and meet our business and service expectations.”
    - Aaron Alton, Manager of IT Infrastructure, Kinross Gold Corporation.
  • “With much improved service and substantial operational savings we get a win/win result, proving that when two expert companies get together great things can happen.”
    - David Hawken, General Manager, Engineering Service Delivery, National Air Traffic Service.
  • “BT not only offered the best value, but also we had confidence in its ability to provide excellent service. You really need a supplier you can rely on for the long term.”
    - Eldon Macarthur, Head of IT Operations and Telecoms, Kent Community Health NHS Trust.
  • "As an excellent council, our standards were high. BT has shown that our outsourced services and staff are in safe hands and that they can be relied upon to deliver what they promise.”
    - Mike Conlon, Head of Corporate and Commercial Services, South Tyneside Council.
  • “The 24/7 service offered by BT helps us not only quickly solve any issues that might arise during operations, but also works proactively to prevent issues occurring in the first place.”
    - Diego De Renzis, IT System Manager, The Space Cinema.
  • “BT service is critical because without the network the data stops flowing and our products don’t reach the shelves.”
    - Damian Zannelli, IT Director Europe, Unilever.

Next generation of service from BT

We operate in a fast, changing and increasingly complex world. It’s easy to feel lost. We’re here to help you, focusing on what’s important to your business. It’s not just about the technical performance of networks and devices, it’s about the operational impact too. Watch our next generation service from BT video to see how we are delivering service now and in the future.

The next generation of service from BT

This animation brings to life our vision of the next generation of service for BT. Watch our Service from BT video to see how we are delivering service now and into the future.

Navigating the Network Service Integration Maze

If you’re responsible for managing the network in a large organisation, then at times it can feel like you’re in a maze. Find out about share some tactics that we’ve used to help organisations like yours.

  • The next generation of service from BT
    The next generation of service from BT
  • Navigating the Network Service Integration Maze
    Navigating the Network Service Integration Maze
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Customer Experience

Investing in a customer-centric culture

Enhancing customer experience and loyalty through first class service.

Customer experience is at the heart of the way we do business.

We measure customer experience and customer service throughout the customer journey.

We’ve invested in Net Promoter Score (NPS), a process based on verbatim customer feedback, which is used to gauge the loyalty of customer relationships. NPS is an online survey which is based on a single question: Given the opportunity, how likely are you to recommend this company to a business contact or colleague?

We also use Customer Thermometer to take a regular gauge of customer experience at key points of interaction. Customer Thermometer is our transactional survey programme conducted via email to understand customer sentiment at a point in time.

We collect this valuable feedback and insight, and analyse it alongside our internal Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), to determine and prioritise our focus, actions and investment.

Key to NPS is the closed loop process. This is where we follow up with all survey respondents within 24 – 48 hours to understand and address any problems, as well as to understand and share best practice across our business.

There are four main steps to NPS and the closed loop process:

  • Listening to and understanding your feedback
  • Acting on that feedback
  • Communicating to you what we’re doing about your feedback
  • Sharing the insight across our business

Closing the loop and making these steps business-as-usual, will improve customer experience, strengthen customer relationships and move us closer to delivering best-in-class customer service.


Contract Management from BT

Contract management excellence: less risk, more value

Good contract management matters – to both of us

At BT, we’re always looking to improve the way we manage our contracts. We believe in the value that good contract management can add to your business – and ours.

That’s why we’ve invested in the BT Group Contract Management Centre of Excellence, to make sure we’re managing our contracts to the highest standards.

What makes our contract management stand out from the crowd?

  • Contract management principles: We follow a number of contract management principles which help us to provide the best service.
  • How we run contracts is important - We bring the right resources and techniques to every contract, based on its size, risk and complexity and we’ll always agree with you what your contract needs.
  • We provide a contract management tool box of services which can be tailored to your requirements.

Whether you are a large multinational or a small business, we have contract management expertise that you can trust. To find out more download our contract management brochure today.