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Why a cloud-based contact centre is just the ticket


03 October 2016

Rhoderick van der Wyck

Blogs by author: Rhoderick van der Wyck, Global Industry Practice Lead — Travel, Transport and Logistics, BT.


Hosting contact centres in the cloud helps airlines make customers happy. Here’s how it also cuts costs significantly — without compromising service.

Big dreams on a budget.

Most travellers would like to fly wherever and whenever they fancy but, unfortunately, cost holds them back. Instead, people must hunt out the best value they can find.

As an airline, it’s a similar scenario when it comes to customer service. You want to offer travellers the world, but it’s just not possible within cost-constraints. That’s where a cloud-based contact centre comes in.

Moving your contact centre to the cloud lets you make the most of a wide-range of effective business solutions. Along with the fantastic on-ground experience you’re able to give customers, it will help you to make significant cost savings.

Cost savings in the cloud.

With the cloud you’re able to give customers a more personal experience. By stringing together all the data that relates to them, you can create a comprehensive picture of what they want from their journey. This data comes from a growing number of sources, including social media, and can be difficult to make sense of — but not when you use the cloud.

Once in the cloud, information is streamlined — reducing your handling costs, and making it easy to tailor business areas to meet customer needs and desires. And it’s not just customer information that’s easier, and cheaper, to understand. A cloud-based contact centre also lets you make the most of Big Data, from self-tracking bags to personal geolocation. As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes increasingly important in all areas of air travel — from baggage handling to security — a cloud-based contact centre lets you exploit Big Data developments in all of these areas. And use it to make your service better.

With the cloud taking care of your important information, you also have more scope to collaborate with travel partners on new business opportunities. The IoT is creating more intelligent airports, where data is shared effectively between various departments and airlines. And the cloud means that you’re ideally placed to work with airports, government agencies, ground handlers and other airlines in ways that are mutually beneficial — because you already access and analyse this information.

Another way that the cloud helps you strengthen the balance sheet is by letting you outsource the contact centre, removing the need for capital expenditure. And making it easier to meet unexpected needs and preserve service levels cost-effectively.

Taking off.

With so many benefits, it’s a wonder more airlines haven’t set up a cloud-based contact centre already. Your business can take off by using a cloud-based contact centre to push it beyond ‘just’ delivering a fantastic customer experience.

For more on cloud cost-savings, and other ways it can help your airline, read the new airlines and transportation white paper. And join us at the Future Travel Experience Asia Expo, to discover more of the aviation sector’s innovations, alongside our latest technology solutions.