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How collaboration on the go helps boost your business.


08 December 2016

Jonathan Brasnett

Blogs by author: Jonathan Brasnett, Head of Global Mobility & Cloud UC, BT


Research shows that many workers don’t think their employers are providing them with the right mobile tools to be effective in their roles. And that’s bad for business.

More than half of office workers waste time trying to get hold of people, but better communication and collaboration tools on the move can boost productivity.

Employees are very aware of how much difference better communication can make to their productivity and job satisfaction. In our research, almost 70 per cent said better communication would improve their organisation’s success, as Marcus explains in his video.

Collaboration tools, not water-cooler conversations.

Today, water-cooler conversations and popping to someone’s desk have been replaced with calls, instant messaging and email — because there are no guarantees that the person you need to speak to will actually be in the office.

Trying to get hold of colleagues is becoming a challenge for many — one that can hold back collaboration and slow down decision making in offices around the world. In fact, our findings show that more than half of office workers admit trying to get hold of people wastes time.

If IT decision makers provide easier access to data and collaboration tools, it will help to speed up these processes. And that’s going to make businesses more productive and improve employee satisfaction — because there’ll be less frustration over wasted time and missed deadlines.

Creating dynamic teams requires dynamic tools.

While email and calls do aid communication, most office workers want new collaboration tools to improve their efficiency. And this technology can do more than just increase workers’ productivity.

Tools like screen sharing and video conferencing on smartphones will help build the creative and dynamic teams that today’s organisations need to keep ahead of the competition. So, by making collaboration tools a priority, and making it easier for employees to work and excel outside the office, your organisation has a better chance of success.

The mobile multiplier.

That’s the mobile multiplier effect — the more employees make the most of mobile working, the more benefits your organisation will see. Our research explores the five key trends that can help your people achieve this, including collaboration on the go and how this can get your business moving in the right direction.

Take a look at the first blog in our mobile multiplier series to find out more about how the ‘shoulder bag worker’ is changing the way business runs, and keep an eye out for our next blog — which explains the positive affect of the ‘mobile multiplier’.

And, for more information on how you can give your people the tools they need to achieve effective mobile working, download the full report, here.