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22 November 2016

Dr Nicola Millard

Blogs by author: Dr Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight and Futures, BT


To stay ahead of the competition, retailers need to improve the customer experience. In this video, Dr Nicola Millard reveals why personalisation is key.

The modern consumer is complex and constantly evolving — so it’s near impossible to make accurate predictions about customer behaviour based on traditional data. Faced with so much choice, both in terms of products and retail channels, customers no longer behave according to their age and general demographic.

Instead, today’s customers fall into three motivational states:
• Visionary.
• Crisis.
• Utilitarian.

These states impact the channels people use to purchase things. Something that’s also influenced by factors like accessibility, cost-benefit analysis and individual perceptions about control, choice, risk and enjoyment.

To provide customers with the service they want, you need to understand the three motivational states; recognise which one the majority of your customers belong to; and then create a multi-channel shopping experience that meets their needs.

Watch Dr Nicola Millard’s video to find out more about the experience modern customers want.

You can also read Dr Nicola Millard’s white paper to find out more about these different types of consumer and access the autonomous customer research, here .

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