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INFOGRAPHIC: The consulting horizontal


23 June 2016

Global Services

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In most organisations (72 per cent) multiple departments are sourcing and commissioning core IT products and services without the involvement of the IT function. There are notable differences between countries however, Brazil, Australia and Spain see this the most while in the UK, Ireland and Germany it is less prevalent.

This increase in purchasing without the involvement of the IT function creates the opportunity for duplication of services, a concern for senior IT decision makers in the past. Our report has shown however, that there has been a decrease in the level of concern around the security of the entire IT infrastructure (13 per cent), impact on performance infrastructure (8 per cent) and duplication of effort and resources across departments (8 per cent).

See how organisations around the globe aren’t involving the IT function when sourcing and commissioning IT products and services with our infographic below. 

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