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How to make digital deliver for banking in 2017


17 January 2017

Matthew Key

Blogs by author: Matthew Key, Head of Customer Innovation, Global Banking and Financial Markets, BT.


2017 is the year that retail banking needs to deliver on its digital promises to customers, and Matthew Key has identified how it can make this a reality.

Over the past few years, retail banking has worked hard to rebuild its relationship with customers, fostering the highest levels of trust seen since the financial crisis. And growing digital services have played a significant part in bringing retail banking and its customers closer together.

To capitalise on the progress made, in 2017 banks need to push on from the ‘foundation blocks’ of online bill payments and balance checking to deliver more sophisticated digital services like video conferencing.

Our Youbiquity Finance report investigates the current state of play regarding customer expectations of retail banking, and is an intriguing read. The visual below shows how our expert, Matthew Key, believes banks can address the critical trends for 2017.