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How old cyber vulnerabilities threaten your organisation


11 October 2016

Global Services

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As we enter a new digital era, organisations need to re-evaluate their cyber security and focus on keeping their data and IT safe.

In the early days of digital, cyber security was about protection, rather than recovery. Organisations spent 90 per cent of their security resources on the former, and only the remaining ten per cent on the latter. But as businesses become increasingly digital, it’s important they face their deep-rooted cyber vulnerabilities, improve threat-response times and adopt a more balanced focus to security.

For more on the security shortfalls many organisations face, as well as how to make the most of the digital age, check out our infographic below.

And to explore this area further, we have a new paper, in partnership with Cisco, exploring the relationship between cyber security and digital technology.

The right cyber security for the digital age. from BT Let’s Talk