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Using technology to tackle climate change


03 June 2016

Global Services

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Discover how our technology and services are helping to combat climate change and create an environmentally friendly future.

It’s World Environment Day (WED) this Sunday — the day on which the UN challenges the whole world to think carefully about the damage being done to the environment.

Climate change is one of the biggest problems of our time — threatening the world we live in. So we’re meeting WED’s challenge by fighting climate change, using what we know best — technology.

We’re doing it with initiatives such as ‘Superfast Cornwall’, where efficiencies created by our new broadband network are reducing emissions in the county. We’re doing it in our own business, where 95 per cent of our energy now comes from renewable sources. And we’re doing it for our customers by creating a tool that allows them to calculate their carbon emissions.

These are just some of the ways we’re helping the environment — take a look at our infographic below to discover more:

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