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Siemens Healthcare: Cloud-based contact centre boosts medical equipment support

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BT Cloud Contact injects versatility into vital Siemens Healthcare customer service

Customer service unification

Siemens Healthcare customer care centre agents support medical professionals who are using the company’s diagnostics and imaging equipment in hospital environments. Acquisitions had resulted in multiple systems with limited flexibility. Vital technology needed future proofing to meet the increasing needs of its customers. Consistency and business continuity were the new watchwords.

With a distributed team, Andy Barnett, head of service operations, made the inspired decision to introduce a cloud-based virtual contact centre. Selecting BT Cloud Contact has enabled Siemens Healthcare to unify its UK customer service, providing Andy with a palette with which to paint boundless omnichannel possibilities.

Andy Barnett, Head of Service Operations, Siemens HealthcareThe more we looked at BT Cloud Contact, the more we realised it would suit our requirements on a number of levels.”
- Andy Barnett, Head of Service Operations, Siemens Healthcare

Fast facts

  • Acquisitions had resulted in multiple telephony platforms
  • Limited contact centre flexibility, functionality and business efficiency
  • Handling around 500 incoming and 1,000 outbound calls per day
  • BT Cloud Contact implemented in just eight weeks
  • Flexible pay-as-you-go solution required no capital outlay
  • Improved unified call handling with enhanced business continuity

Cloud-based versatility

When customer care is a business fundamental, contact centre efficiency is vital. BT Cloud Contact offers a complete omnichannel contact centre solution, including IVR and CRM. It allows customers to scale the number of agents quickly while only paying for what’s used on a per-agent per-month basis.

Ultimate call handling flexibility

BT Inbound Contact harnesses the reach and reliability of the BT voice network. Callers are routed to the most suitable agent or to an automated solution that’s right for the enquiry. That means better inbound call management and happier customers, looked after more efficiently no matter where their calls originate from or where they’re answered.

On hold for intelligent customer service

BT has a wealth of experience implementing and operating contact centres. Take a look at our new research that focuses on service-affecting changes in consumer behaviour. It also highlights evolving consumer expectations. The research uses information from consumers in Benelux, Germany, India, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Spain, the UAE, the UK and the USA.

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