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Powering up the professional worker

As clients move into new territories to exploit growth, so too must their professional advisers. Often this means acquiring local firms and integrating them into the global infrastructure. Increased competition from deregulation is also pushing firms to be as productive and efficient as possible to remain competitive.

We can help you exploit the power of communications technology to address these trends. We’ll help you realise the business benefits of cloud-based IT and communications. We’ll set you up so your people can bring their own devices to work (BOYD) and use them securely. And we’ll help you analyse the big data streams from social media and other sources to keep your finger on the pulse.

Powering up the professional worker.

A day in the life of a professional adviser, showing how BT's seamless collaboration proposition can accelerate business cycles, avoid unnecessary cost, and improve client - and employee - satisfaction.

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Reduce your property costs

We can dramatically reduce your property cost base and improve your people productivity by revitalising your workspace design, working behaviours and knowledge-worker technologies – not as standalone components, but as an integrated whole.

As leaders in this field, BT have proven that we can deliver:

  • 25-40% lower office space costs
  • 10-20% increase in knowledge-worker productivity
  • 20% better skills retention

By cutting back on dedicated individual space and increasing the amount of informal collaborative space, you help create a place of work that is flexible, inspiring and, above all, more cost-efficient. BT offers workspace optimisation consultancy and services that can result in dramatic office cost savings:

  • Property opportunities report
  • Space utilisation survey
  • Workplace re-design and fit-out
  • Office access and security
  • Energy saving building systems.


Comprehensive support for your office transformation

To reap the full benefit of office transformation you have to manage yourpeople based on what they achieve rather than where they are, with the policies, leadership and communications to match. We can help you implement the people-management approaches to maximise performance:

  • Objectives-based management
  • Talent management
  • People and skills locator
  • Performance management
  • eLearning and development
  • Workstyle managed services.

Case study: PA Consulting

PA Consulting GroupPA Consulting hosted international discussions between business and economics experts in UK and Ireland at our Cisco TelePresence suites in London and Dublin.
It is such a high definition immersive experience, that it loses none of the subtle nuances that mean everything in complex negotiations.
50 per cent of participants said that without the ability to conduct meetings this way they would not have taken part; only 30 percent would have come anyway.

I was blown away by the technology. There’s very little you can do at a face-to-face meeting that you can’t do via TelePresence.”
- Chris Henning, Managing Consultant, PA Consulting Group