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Effective ways to meet a complex challenge

Datamonitor reports that 94 per cent of transport and logistics companies believe sustainability is important for their brand and 90 per cent believe IT has a role to play in achieving it. Yet only 58 per cent have such an IT plan in place. The industry faces many complex sustainability issues: reducing the overall carbon footprint by increasing rail capacity; and bus patronage;  reducing its own carbon footprint through efficiency measures; lessening the congestion that costs the UK economy £12bn a year; and improving the public transport network’s resilience to extreme weather and higher demand.

Our carbon impact assessment can identify ways for you to save energy. Our networked IT services can reduce your employees’ need to travel. Our remote, home and agile working solutions can increase morale and productivity while saving you property costs. Our collaborative working tools such as telephone and video conferencing can enable your employees to work together from a distance. We have the expertise and technology to help your organisation become more sustainable at the same time as you make it leaner and more efficient.

Improve operational efficiency in the Transport sector

Improved information and communication technology (ITC) can help transportation operators remain competitive and find new ways to rationalise and optimise the efficiency of their operations – to help keep key performance indicators above the levels expected by industry regulators and to meet franchise obligations. For example, by integrating voice and data networks over a single network, you can enhance collaboration between your departments and your company’s communication with your customers. Resource management solutions can help you keep track of assets and ensure compliance. BT can help you plan and link together rail or bus stations, making them safer and more efficient to run.