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Increasing demand, rising fuel costs, aging infrastructure, tighter regulation and the growing impatience of the travelling public place more pressure on our transport network every day. To remain competitive, your organisation must find new ways to rationalise and optimise the efficiency of its operations.

We have long experience helping transport organisations, such as Southwest Trains and National Express. We can help you in a number of ways to streamline the management of your resources. For example, by integrating your voice and data systems over a single IT network we can enable you to enhance collaboration between employees and communication with the public. Our resource management solutions can help you to keep track of your assets and ensure compliance with health, safety and other regulations. We can help you to plan and link your rail or bus stations to make them more secure and attractive to passengers, reduce fraud and drive greater efficiencies

Improve operational efficiency in the Transport sector

Improved information and communication technology (ITC) can help transportation operators remain competitive and find new ways to rationalise and optimise the efficiency of their operations – to help keep key performance indicators above the levels expected by industry regulators and to meet franchise obligations. For example, by integrating voice and data networks over a single network, you can enhance collaboration between your departments and your company’s communication with your customers. Resource management solutions can help you keep track of assets and ensure compliance. BT can help you plan and link together rail or bus stations, making them safer and more efficient to run.