Ensure safety and security in the transport industry

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Why take the risk?

Public transport is far safer than car travel. Accidents, crime and terrorism are rare. Yet high-profile incidents colour public perception and increase concern about safety and security. Transport organisations must minimise risk to enhance their appeal to potential passengers. At the same time, they face greater competition, pressure on margins, and the rising expectations of regulators, investors, insurers and customers.

Many see integrated risk management as one way to meet these challenges. We can help your organisation at the strategic, operational and project level to apply sound risk management practices that will foster a working culture of learning, innovation, responsible risk-taking and continuous improvement. We can provide the advice, expertise and IT network– including closed circuit television, for example – to increase the safety and security of your passengers and staff. We can also help you to apply best practice in integrating your information and communications systems into one secure infrastructure.

Improve identity and access management

Protect your business and empower your people

While it’s imperative to protect your business against ID theft and fraud, it’s also vital to be able to share data and systems with the people you trust. This is increasingly important when business depends on flexible working, online services, and collaborative relationships with customers and suppliers.

With BT identity and access management services you can identify and authorise customers, partners and employees with confidence. Through policy, process and technology, we’ll work with you to provide safer access, meet regulatory requirements, empower your mobile workforce, and expand your business online.

BT has over ten years experience delivering global identity and access management services. For example, we worked with TD Waterhouse to transform authentication for new customer accounts – reducing validation time from hours to minutes.

Manage risk and compliance

Empower your business to grow with effective IT governance

Managing risk and compliance isn’t just about dealing with legislation and security threats. It’s about creating a framework for IT governance that empowers your company to grow. Companies with effective IT governance strategies tend to be more profitable, have better credit ratings, and enjoy increased confidence from customers, investors and other key stakeholders.

BT will work with your business to manage compliance across your networked IT infrastructure, and enable you to understand and manage the risks associated with operating in a networked environment. We have extensive experience designing, delivering and managing effective IT governance frameworks, encompassing processes, services and solutions such as the BT Risk Cockpit™ – a unique executive dashboard and reporting tool.

You can benefit from our own experience as a highly regulated business, operating across multiple geographies and compliance regimes.

Protecting staff, passengers and property

People want to know that help can be sent in a moment

With broadband connectivity readily available across the UK, the cost of equipping sites with CCTV cameras, alarm systems and other remotely-controlled security features has reduced considerably. Wireless connections between in-vehicle security cameras and depot networks could extend surveillance. Locks can be replaced with electronic access mechanisms that increase security and provide accurate records of visits to secure areas at rail and bus stations, and other locations.

To deter attacks, many operators are now fitting vehicles with devices such as cameras, video screens, and panic buttons to help deter would-be attackers and reassure staff and passengers. Staff can also be issued with body-worn video cameras, much like those that have been trialled by Tayside Police and other forces. Records of physical or verbal abuse are then available for use in evidence in any legal proceedings.

Poorly-maintained property and assets are a liability. Computer-based asset management systems help companies keep track of vehicles, plant and other assets, record repairs and maintenance, and help ensure everything is kept in proper working order. Online training systems make it easier for companies to keep the skills of a large, distributed workforce up to date and keep track of those qualified to perform safety-critical tasks.