BT around the world

The value we deliver

BT is one of the world’s leading providers of communications services and solutions, with customers in 180 countries.

We operate globally and deliver locally, with 17,000 Global Services experts serving leading multinational companies.

Our unique breadth of scope, reach and capability helps you solve the most complex business communications requirements on a global scale. We’re innovative in our thinking and dependable in our delivery.

We organise our business around you, with specialist industry practices underpinned by world leading security and customer service.

Our portfolio strategy, the Cloud of Clouds, is a powerful combination of cloud services, IT integration skills, global network and professional security expertise. It allows you to connect easily and securely to the applications and data you need, regardless of where they’re hosted and where you’re based.

We’re well placed to be your trusted partner as you digitally transform your business.

BT: using technology to create new possibilities

At BT connections are our business. We are trusted by thousands of enterprises around the world, combining our global strength in networks, IT and innovation with local presence, expertise and delivery. Watch this video to find out how we can help you.

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Fast facts

We are the global leader the Fortune 500 relies on, but we’re local too.

From A to Z, our customers include more than 5,500 multinational organisations worldwide.
From AIA Group to Zurich Insurance Group.

We are recognised for our market leading products and services by industry analysts such as Gartner and IDC.

We combine our products and services with industry-specific solutions and consulting expertise.
We have over 2,000 people in our professional services team offering consultancy services and 2,500 security practitioners (the largest cyber security practice in the UK) support our global customers.  

Our unparalleled network reaches 198 countries and territories.
We have 4,900 PoPs around the world with a range of access options including Ethernet, TDM, broadband, satellite and 4G. We combine this strength with our IT services capabilities to provide global availability for our customers.
We protect organisations globally.
We address the entire range of cyber security needs – from entry-level security services to complex managed security solutions. We are able to do that due to our capabilities and expertise accumulated protecting BT’s own infrastructure and services and in the role we play protecting the UK economy more broadly. 
We secure the world’s largest cloud used by the financial services industry, in addition to securing more than 20 million credit card payments and over $360bn in transactions daily.

We’re one of the world’s biggest telecoms R&D investors.
We’ve invested more than £3.8bn in R&D over the last five years in the technologies which help our customers embrace the digital age. Innovation improves the products and services we develop and help us do things better.

Working hand in hand with our global partners allows us to design and deliver solutions that meet the needs of our customers.
We’ve built strong, strategic partnerships because we recognise that proactive partnerships are the future of the IT industry and the cloud.

We put our customers first.
We operate in a fast, changing and increasingly complex world. It’s easy to feel lost. So we’re here to help our customers, focusing on what’s important to you. Not just the technical performance of networks and devices, the operational impact too.