OMB Approves Special Access Data Collection

(18 August 2014)

OMB Approves Special Access Data Collection

From BT:

BT is pleased that the Office of Management and Budget approved the mandatory data request in the FCC's special access proceeding. This will pave the way for last year's FCC order on special access to continue. We hope things can now move forward quickly. This is important both in helping get a fair deal for consumers of US communications services, and in fostering fair competition for business and other services.We continue to support NoChokePoints in their efforts on this important issue.

From NoChokePoints:

On Friday, OMB approved the FCC's collection of data on the broken special access market. This important step, which the NoChokePoints Coalition enthusiastically supported in comments to both the FCC and OMB, paves the way for the FCC to press ahead quickly with its process of rationalizing special access pricing, terms, and conditions.

Countless industries and organizations and hundreds of millions of customers across the country depend on this critical broadband infrastructure to connect our cell phones, workplaces, banks, factories, data centers, universities, and hospitals to enable communications among customers, employees, suppliers, government, and each one of us. The last time the FCC collected data on special access, in 2007, that data showed that AT&T, Verizon, and other incumbents' control over these lines cost companies and consumers more than $10 billion annually in over-earnings and generates a profit margin of over 100%. These indefensible rates and accompanying anticompetitive terms and conditions are a tax on economic growth and significant burden on our already cash-strapped local governments.

We thank OMB and the FCC for their commitment to resolving this long-standing problem, and urge the Commission to issue the data request as soon as possible.

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