BT legal members in the Americas earn CIPP/US Certification

(20 March 2015)

Eight members of BT’s US legal team earned Certified Privacy Professional/United States credentials

BT’s legal team in the Americas continues to increase the number of attorneys who have earned Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States (CIPP/US) credentials through the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). Eight members of the team are now certified and that number will grow in the coming months.

In today’s landscape, those in the legal field who don’t intend to specialize in privacy still are required to be familiar with the role of data security, cyber security and privacy to be able to provide guidance in everyday transactions. Privacy professionals are the arbiters of trust in today’s data-driven global economy. They help organizations manage rapidly evolving privacy threats and mitigate the potential loss and misuse of information assets.

The IAPP is the first organization to publicly establish standards in professional education and testing for privacy and data protection. IAPP privacy certification is internationally recognized as a reputable, independent program that professionals seek and employers demand.

The CIPP is the global standard in privacy certification. Developed and launched by the IAPP with leading subject matter experts, the CIPP is the world’s first broad-based global privacy and data protection credentialing program. The CIPP/US demonstrates a strong foundation in U.S. private-sector privacy laws and regulations and understanding of the legal requirements for the responsible transfer of sensitive personal data to/from the U.S., the EU and other jurisdictions. BT’s CIPP members join the ranks of more than 5,000 professionals worldwide who currently hold one or more IAPP certifications. BT’s number of certified lawyers places it among the leaders in the telecom industry, where moving data for all industry segments is core to the business.

Bas Burger, President BT in the Americas, said “I’m very pleased with BT’s growing roster of CIPP certified lawyers and professionals. We are also seeing members of our client compliance services team become certified as well. It is a reflection of how seriously BT takes the issues around privacy and security, not only for our own needs but for our customers as well. Having our legal team knowledgeable about the nuts and bolts in this area allows us to have more valuable conversations with our customers through various channels around risk balancing and compliance. That is good for all parties.”

Richard Nohe, BT General Counsel, Americas RegionPrivacy and security are key areas of importance to all companies, from the front lines all the way up to the board. The more familiarity legal teams, as well as those they support, have with these crucial topics the better the overall organization will be at mitigating risk. I’m encouraging all of my commercial contracts team members to become certified and we are well underway. This gives BT an added benefit not only of understanding our internal requirements, but also how to help our customers and supply chain be compliant and efficient as well.”
- Richard Nohe, BT General Counsel, Americas Region

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