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An increasingly competitive global airline industry.

Demand for air travel is booming. Passenger numbers are expected to reach seven billion by 2034, with the fastest growth in Asia, South America and Africa. The downside is that air travel is fast becoming a commodity product.

Low cost carriers now control 25 per cent of the market worldwide and Check-intheir business model has disrupted traditional patterns of business forever. All airlines, budget and premium, regional and global, face rising competition for passengers. In response, airlines around the world are seeking differentiation through the total experience they deliver for travellers. This report argues that digital transformation is the answer to help airlines differentiate themselves.

As only so much can be done to improve what happens in the air, airlines’ focus must shift to the quality of customer interactions on the ground, before and after the flight. Our report elaborates on the following areas recommended to drive differentiation:

Personalise your travel experience.

Cheap flights have changed how passengers make their travel plans. See how airlines can remain competitive, while still providing a service that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Airlines that travellers trust.

Airline security goes way beyond baggage checks. Find out how you can keep travellers secure from cyber criminals in the digital world.

Empower your people, wherever they are.Airport-Lounge

Mobile technology allows organisations to be more productive, and encourages people to work from anywhere. Discover why airlines need to make the most of this to improve their services and cut costs.

Increase your speed to market.

Innovation allows airlines to deal with the challenge of competition. See how you can differentiate yoursefl and attract travellers — even as new features quickly become standard.

Be more competitive in the marketplace. 

Low-cost air travel has created a challenge and opportunity for every airline. Discover how you can deliver the services travellers want, and stay ahead of the competition.

Working with partners more closely.Working-on-tablet

Today, the global traveller has to interact with several airlines and airports to manage a single journey. Learn how airlines and partners can share information to provide more personalised contact for individual passengers.

A single, global digital hub.

To give every passenger a great trip from start to finish requires the airline to have a single, global digital hub that houses all customer information, contact and services. With this bedrock of customer knowledge and advocacy accessible anywhere, airlines can begin to create more personal, positive experiences for every traveller throughout their journey. Such an approach can also help to maximise existing investments in people, technology and infrastructure at a time when margins remain low, fuel costs unpredictable and there is relentless pressure to be operationally smart and efficient.

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