Future networks for digital finance.

Future networks

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Driving agility, efficiency, and control through the network.

The digital, connected world is fundamentally changing the dynamics of the financial services industry. Consumers expect anytime and anywhere access with a customer experience commensurate with the Internet world, while fintech start-ups disrupt established value chains, driving a need to deliver faster innovation. This is creating tremendous pressure on the network, with escalating demands for performance and agility, while cost control and compliance imperatives remain as dominant as ever. This paper looks at optimal strategies for CIOs and CTOs, exploring how the future network needs to evolve to both drive operational effectiveness and enable business change, while assessing key investment and strategic considerations for equipping the network for the digital financial institution.

Key considerations

  • The network must deliver performance and enable agility to support the growth of digital financial services.
  • Efficiency, security, and risk management remain prerequisites.
  • The future network will use a software-defined approach to pool resources, use centralized orchestration, and automate change.
  • Institutions need to prepare for the use of hybrid, multi-cloud models.
  • Open technologies will be advantageous to enable change as technology evolves.

Download the full report to see the recommendations that Ovum suggest all FS institutions should be evaluating to ensure their infrastructure keeps pace with what is a rapidly changing environment.


Creating the Future Network for the Digital Financial Institution

Ian Carter, Head of Marketing, Global Banking and Financial Markets at BT discusses the key messages from the latest Ovum white paper with Daniel Mayo Chief Analyst, Financial Services Technology at Ovum, Tony Evans, Vice President and Managing Director, Global Financial Services from Juniper Networks and Winston Carrera, CTO, Global Banking and Financial Markets at BT. This white paper explores how the digital, connected world is fundamentally changing the dynamics of the financial services industry and its implications for network infrastructure.

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