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Navigating the Network Service Integration maze


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Navigating the Network Service Integration maze

Explore the benefits and challenges of Network Service Integration (NSI), including strategies you can apply.

It’s said that, in a bank, the most important thing is cash. The second most important thing is the network. Whether this is precisely the case or not, it’s true that how well the network functions is a critical issue for all large organisations.

It’s also obvious that it is extremely challenging, if not a Sisyphean* endeavour, to continuously maintain the right network operating model. You need to balance cost, risk and quality in the face of the volatile and spiralling requirements imposed by cloud, big data, video, mobile and a hostile threat environment, to mention but a few. And equally clear that success or failure in doing so can be career defining.

What works for one organisation won’t necessarily work for yours. There’s no panacea or silver bullet.

This paper explores the value and challenges inherent in the art and science of Network Service Integration (NSI). It outlines some of the smartest strategies and tactics that can be applied to navigate through the maze, based on our track record (over the last 15 years) of doing so in retail banking, investment banking, insurance, logistics and consumer packaged goods.

Navigating the Network Service Integration Maze

If you’re responsible for managing the network in a large organisation, then at times it can feel like you’re in a maze. Find out about share some tactics that we’ve used to help organisations like yours.

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