Trace solutions

Trace solutions

Asset visibility solutions

The reality

Asset visibility and control needs to be improved.

In today’s fast paced world, business models and efficiencies are being driven by the need to be able to track, monitor and control your various valuable assets or ‘things’.

The ‘Internet of things’ and the premise that just about anything can be connected – including vehicles, equipment and consumer goods – and that these ‘Things’ can share and transfer data over a network and thus communicate, opens up new possibilities.

It provides you with the ability to capture and transfer data, analyse and control it and create real business value. Giving you total visibility of your most valuable assets, helping you optimise your systems and processes and improve the movement of goods and services to do things quicker, smarter and faster.

BT helps Domiberia achieve seamless asset tracking and SAP integration.

BT Trace keeps food container production lines rolling at Domiberia and helps the company meet EU food traceability regulations.

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The problem

Four areas that would benefit most from better visibility:

There are four specific areas where enterprises want much better visibility and control of assets.

  • Organisations need to track assets within their own facility
  • Tracking assets in transit helps enterprises to save costs and serve their customers better
  • Inaccurate inventory is still the Achilles heel of many businesses
  • Understanding the status of equipment enables businesses to take action

You need to manage, monitor and track high-value assets. Today, despite the investment in IT systems, the reality is that visibility and control is patchy and incomplete.

How we can help

Connect your assets.

We offer Asset visibility solutions based on our BT Asset Trace and BT Trace platform.

With BT Asset Trace we help you to track and manage your assets. Using GPS trackers, sensors, barcodes or radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, the data related to the location and status of an asset is automatically monitored and stored on a secure cloud based platform. Network connectivity is at the heart of any Internet of Things (IoT) project and BT can deploy the best network to transfer data into the cloud.

BT Trace is our IOT Platform and data hub that brings together data from sensors, operational assets and existing systems securely, transforming data into actionable business intelligence. The data could be from a wide variety of sources e.g. from new sensors that BT install, from your existing sensors which we connect to our network, from your ecosystem or from your operational systems. We take this information into a scalable, secure and resilient independent platform to provide true visibility and insight across organisations.

Key portfolio

Why BT

BT is the ideal partner to help you connect your assets and embrace the Internet of things:

  • We are leaders in global networking, infrastructure and service provision with a track record of successful system integration
  • We are committed to investing in innovation and to developing sector focused solutions
  • We work with leading technology providers
  • Our solutions are available as fully managed services, making it easier for you to implement and scale as needed



BT Trace

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End-to-end asset visibility and control.