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BT Cloud Connect


Make the most of cloud connectivity.

BT Cloud Connect provides high performance network connectivity to cloud services from providers such as Microsoft or Amazon.

Cloud is here and its center stage. Today nearly every organization can gain advantage from Cloud. With 90% of our largest customers planning to use multiple cloud service providers within 2 years, our Connect services are evolving so you can seize the opportunity.

This evolution is being delivered by the “Cloud Connect program”, which is delivering a range of capabilities delivering these benefits:

  • Simplifying your move to the cloud, making the most of what you already have. With our cloud platform you can make the most of your existing investment in BT Connect services, reducing the risk and making it easier to move to the cloud.
  • Move faster. Whether you are looking to connect to a new cloud service provider or implement a new cloud application, you will be able to implement faster and realize the benefits for your organization faster than ever before.
  • Improve performance. Whether you are connecting to a cloud service provider using direct private (MPLS) connections or the internet, your customers and users will be able to benefit from improved performance from our Cloud Connect platform.
  • Improve security. With Security built into the Cloud Connect platform, you can benefit from enterprise security already built in.
  • Save money. With connectivity to the major cloud service providers already in place, you will save money from the lower cost of our connectivity and from the scale advantage of the cloud service provider.
  • Global service, delivered locally. Cloud Connect is a global service using local infrastructure located at major Internet peering and business hubs.

The details.

Cloud Connect specifications.

Cloud Connect platform.

In the age of the Cloud you expect to be able to implement new services and make changes to existing services rapidly.

To meet this need we are building an agile cloud platform that uses Network Function Virtualisation (NfV) and Software Define Networks (SDN) technologies.

This goal is not limited to a single service, but a chain of services built on each other, for example, if you order a new BT Cloud Compute Virtual Machines additional IP Connect network capacity can be ordered and delivered at the same time.

Cloud Connect Points of Presence.

Building on our coverage to over 198 countries and territories, we have created “Cloud Connect Points of Presence” located at major internet peering and business hubs in all regions around the world. These Cloud Connect Points of Presence offer a range of capabilities that can be provided on their own or together.

Cloud Connect Datacenters.

In the age of the cloud, you expect to connect rapidly to a wide range of datacenters where your equipment is housed.

  • Over 200 datacenters on dedicated fibre today
  • Dedicated connectivity to datacenters through a growing number of carrier neutral meeting points including: Equinix, Interxion, and Telecity.

Cloud Connect Direct.

You will probably want to connect to a range of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) providers; we are connected to a growing range of providers including:

  • Microsoft ExpressRoute for O365 and Azure
  • Amazon web Services
  • Salesforce
  • HPE
  • BT Cloud Compute

You can connect from you existing network to your cloud providers simply, securely and with the best possible performance. More cloud providers will be announced shortly.

Internet Gateways.

Over the last decade hybrid MPLS / internet networks have become the standard for many organizations. To meet this requirement we are evolving the internet breakout from our IP Connect service to the Internet. We are expanding the number of internet gateways and improving the functionality by adding sophisticated security features.

  • Located at the world’s major internet peering locations
  • Breakout options: regional breakout (close to the originating users site) or optimized at the gateway closest to the traffic’s destination to offer an optimum choice of performance and cost.

Cloud Connect Value Added Services.

To support your journey to the cloud, we have a range of services already built into our Connect Points of Presence addressing organizations concerns over performance and security.

Cloud Connect Acceleration.

As organizations make increasing use of Cloud Applications, which can increase the distance between the end user and where their application is hosted, end user experience can be affected.

To address this issue, we are building acceleration into our network using Riverbed Technology Inc’s Steelhead technology. As a result end user experience can be improved and bandwidth reduced.

Cloud Connect Security.

Security is a critical issue. Embracing the cloud can result in a re-design of an organizations security.

To meet this need we are building security into our network using Check Point Software Technologies. You can benefit by having your own security policy implemented within the BT network, so you don’t have to go to the time and expense of installing and managing your own dedicated security equipment.


Available across 5 continents.

Availability of Cloud Connect varies by capability and region, please contact BT for more information.


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