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Scalable cable modem inventory and firmware management

For cable operators, our market-leading ImageControl software enables MSOs to discover, inventory, and upgrade firmware on CPE devices on their networks. It supports DOCSIS and Euro-DOCSIS based devices including cable modems, MTAs, and other DOCSIS compliant devices. The discovery feature enables operators to inventory and audit devices on the network, stage and schedule CPE firmware updates, and automate upgrades of device firmware. Several other features including brick thresholds, reporting, update pre-requisites and more have led ImageControl to DOCSIS firmware management market leadership.

ImageControl accelerates the deployment of new advanced cable services by quickly and seamlessly inventorying customer premises equipment (CPE), upgrading modem firmware, and reducing administrative costs by automating complex firmware management functions. ImageControl also helps minimize errors by centralizing management and automating recurring functions though an intuitive graphical interface. And ImageControl supports subscriber growth by scaling to millions of devices and improves customer satisfaction by ensuring version compatibility with minimal service disruption.

The benefits

Automate cable device inventory and firmware updates

  • Automate discovery of DOCSIS devices on your network offering a variety of discovery options either at the CMTS or the device/IP level.
  • ImageControl maintains a centralized, consistent inventory of DOCSIS devices on your network that can be discovered, imported or manually entered.
  • The centralized repository for CPE images enables distribution of images to all or certain TFTP servers to stage the upgrade process. Upgrades can be initiated on-demand or scheduled. And thresholds can be set to minimize the impact of a faulty vendor firmware revision to prevent bricking of large numbers of CPE.
  • ImageControl automatically detects newly provisioned devices, validating firmware versions and upgrading firmware to acceptable versions if needed.
  • Distributed architecture ensures scalability, load balancing and the option to choose between decentralized or centralized deployments.
  • All sensitive data is encrypted to ensure maximum security and reliability is maintained by supplying upgrades only to modems needing new firmware.
  • Real-time progress indicators and reports show the status of discovery and update tasks while automatically archiving data to create an audit trail for each update task at the device level.


ImageControl availability

Available globally, applicable to cable operators complying with DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS standards.

BT ImageControl software