WAN Optimisation

WAN Optimisation

Network services solutions

The reality

A network is more than connectivity

A network isnt just connectivity between your sites, it’s the backbone that your organisation runs on. Its performance is key to the way you transfer data, the speed of applications, the quality of voice and video. Its also one of your connections to the outside world.

So for your organisation to work effectively your network has to work at its optimum. The quality of your connection to the outside world is a reflection of the quality of the service you provide. You need an intelligent network, one which is more than a connection. An intelligent network is one in which you have understanding and control over the performance of the connectivity.

We have the ability to deliver a network, but we also have the tools to make sure that network is intelligent.

Transforming Enterprise WAN Communications in a Digital & Cloud Connect World

Nav Chander is a Research Manager for telecom business services and associated carrier network infrastructure within IDC’s Worldwide Telecom Division. In this video Nav highlights the benefits and importance of NFV, SDN and SD-WAN's in a future network solution.

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The problem

The impact of just connecting

The speed of your applications directly relates to your organisations productivity, if you waiting for an application to update then you are wasting time. Its not just application problems, if your bandwidth is being hogged then your video conference or even voice call might not maintain the quality required.

Identifying the problem can be a very complex process; the application environment can be very complex as user’s access applications in lots of different ways including fixed and mobile devices via the intranet, internet, cloud and corporate network. These problems are a drain on your network and on the resources used to manage them.

Just adding bandwidth isnt always the answer, problems on your network can eat bandwidth and extra bandwidth like most things costs more money.

You connection to the outside world is also directly linked to the performance of your organisation. If end users are finding your internet pages don’t load quickly, they’ll look elsewhere.

How we can help

Delivering the tools for an intelligent network

BT Connect Intelligence is a portfolio of Application Performance Management services that improves the performance of business critical applications and processes. The service provides application visibility allowing trouble shooting and estate management, application optimisation delivering path selection, prioritisation & compression. This allows us to manage business outcomes and not just network failures. Our suite of services include:

  • Application performance management
  • Web Analysis
  • Network performance monitoring and diagnostics
  • Network performance optimisation
  • Unified dashboards

We partner with the leading suppliers in the market place, including Riverbed, Cisco, Infovista and Dynatrace. But most importantly we have the people who know how to deliver and implement these solutions, who will also provide in-life support to make sure you are make the most of these powerful tools.

Key portfolio

  • Connect Intelligence – BT Connect Intelligence is a portfolio of Application Performance Management services that improves the performance of business critical applications and processes.
  • Connect Intelligence IWAN – The first global Cisco IWAN solution, which offers acceleration services, security services, reporting and the ability to offload traffic on to the internet.
  • IP Connect – Our IP Connect service offers an intelligent flexible VPN, the platform to your complete ICT solution. We offer complete coverage globally and in the UK, utilising a range of different access and service options. Cloud connect is an extension of our IP Connect service.
  • Internet Connect – Our Internet connectivity comes in a range of different options. We offer business grade connectivity, which is the ideal solution for key applications and .com presence. We also offer a lower cost Internet Connect Reach solution, which has greater reach and perfect for local breakout from a branch network.
  • Cloud Connect – offering direct connectivity to 3rd party cloud providers, cloud security and acceleration and connectivity to more than 250 data centres across the globe.

Why BT

BT is the ideal partner to help achieve an intelligent network solution.

  • Our technology vision, the ‘Cloud of Clouds’ allows you to connect easily and securely to the applications and data you need, globally. We have the infrastructure, platform, tools, people, experience and relationships, making us the best partner for you to go on your cloud journey with, both now and into the future.
  • We have the network, recognized by analysts as market leading for its reach and capability. It is the perfect platform to your intelligent hybrid solution.
  • We have the range of different tools which make your network intelligent, sourced from the market leading supplier, supported by our team of experts who make sure the benefits are achieved.
  • We have done it before, many times, we have the experience as well as the capability. We can make sure your cloud based solution is a success.