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BT Radianz

BT Radianz services help you to do business in the capital markets. Changing regulations, growing volumes, new applications and a rich choice of venues demand solutions that reduce complexity and costs whilst incorporating the latest technology. Set against a backdrop of security concerns, you need a partner you can trust. Globally.

With Radianz, you can:

  • access the world’s largest, secure networked financial community connecting customers in more than 50 countries and more than 40 of the most important data-centres
  • deliver or consume applications to clients and counter-parties across all asset classes
  • take your propositions to market faster and execute your best trading options
  • address your regulatory and security requirements with a trusted partner
  • manage and optimise your costs by combining a unique set of capabilities and skills
  • evolve, flex and expand with a supplier whose cloud platform will evolve, flex and expand with you.

Ultimately Radianz is a community – your community. 

And we keep your community safe. Every step of the way, everything we do is aligned to our rigorous multi-layer security, intelligence, regulations and processes. We don’t allow public internet connectivity, and we ensure separacy between users of our global platform. We understand the financial services industry and the challenges you’re facing, so you can rest assured that Radianz is specific to your business needs. In short, we’re the industry benchmark.



BT Radianz services overview

PDF - 855 KB

How the BT Radianz Cloud supports the largest secure networked financial community in the world

BT Radianz Global FIX connectivity

PDF - 170 KB

Using the FIX Protocol and BT Radianz services to reach the world’s largest FIX user community

BT for Financial Services – Global FX

PDF - 492 KB

Connectivity to the global FX markets.

BT Radianz Messaging

PDF - 358 KB

Fully managed, secure, end-to-end financial messaging

BT Radianz Hosting

PDF - 361 KB

Managed hosting services in BT and third-party data centres

BT Radianz Cloud Connect Datasheet

PDF - 338 KB

Delivering seamless access to major 3rd party cloud computing partners

BT Radianz Venue Interconnect

PDF - 512 KB

Helping you on your journey to FRTB compliance

BT Radianz Connect Ethernet

PDF - 526 KB

Reliable, secure access to the markets and data you need


BT Radianz Providers and Brokers

PDF - 387 KB

Examples of some of the 400+ service providers that are part of the BT Radianz Cloud community