Securing my network, devices and apps

Securing my network, devices and apps

Mobility and Unified communications solutions

The reality

Protect your network

In today’s connected world people can work anywhere, anytime. Armed with smart devices, they want to access, consume, create and share information wherever they are for work purposes. And that’s great – because it means they can be more productive. But it could pose a serious security threat if it’s not managed properly.

With more and more people using their own devices for work, you need to protect your network, data, corporate applications and ultimately your brand. You need to be able to control who can access what, whether they’re on a mobile phone, tablet, smartphone or computer.

Giving you the tools and technology to unlock new ways of working.

Find out how people can collaborate – wherever they are and in whatever way they need to, while you keep control of cost and security.

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The problem

The right tools for secure collaboration

Without the appropriate security measures, you could be vulnerable to serious security threats – people inside and outside your organisation may have access to things they shouldn’t, employees might be able to access your corporate network and applications using unsecure connections, personal and company-owned devices could go missing without protection for any corporate data they contain.

If you don’t address these problems you could jeopardise your entire network; leaving it open to deliberate intrusion and malicious attacks, increasing the likelihood of confidential information falling into the wrong hands, and potentially wreaking havoc on your brand’s reputation and value.

  • 68 per cent of organisations globally have experienced a mobile security breach – taking up valuable IT resources, and negatively impacting the customer experience and perception of their brand.
  • A single significant mobile security breach could cost over £30,000 to identify and fix.
  • You could face hefty fines for compliance breaches.

It all adds up, year on year. With the tools for secure collaboration, people could be trusted to collaborate anywhere and keep productive, while you have peace of mind around security concerns. And you could focus the time and money saved on identifying and fixing security breaches on business critical projects.

How we can help

Secure collaboration solutions

Our aim is to give you the confidence to allow people to collaborate and work anywhere, without compromising the security of your corporate network, data and applications.

We provide a range of secure collaboration solutions that allow you to securely and remotely manage corporate and employee mobile devices, deliver enterprise apps and control mobile spend across your organisation.

Our solutions are scalable, allowing you to start small with just a handful of users and easily add more whenever you’re ready to. Our cloud service is always on and can be up and running really quickly. Users don’t need to know anything about resiliency or gateways or protocols. They just connect, undergo a straightforward identify check and go to the service they want. Simple.

We can help you move confidently and successfully through your collaboration journey while keeping it all simple, with minimal risk and low cost.

Key portfolio

Secure the network:

  • BT One Mobile secure access: secure mobile access for anyone on any device so employees can connect to the corporate network simply and securely anywhere in the world, via fixed or wireless networks. It creates a virtual work environment that protects corporate information with strong, multi-layered security – even when someone is connecting from an internet café or from home.
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine: an identity and access control policy platform that allows you to enforce compliance, enhance infrastructure security, and streamline service operations. It allows you to give access to people - how, where and when you want.
  • BT Assure Managed Cloud: ensures employees can use corporate applications, the intranet, upload and download files and connect to web portals and other gateways safely on a mobile device. It allows access to appropriate applications and content while preventing the use of those that might increase risk, drain productivity, or lead to a potential loss of confidential information.

Secure devices and applications:

  • BT One Mobile secure devices: gives devices the level of security they need, even if they get lost or stolen. It helps secure, monitor, manage and support company and employee-owned mobile devices; including mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and computers. It covers inventory management, secure self-provisioning, over-the-air application distribution and a self-service portal. It allows you to define and enforce policies for mobile usage policy and data security so you can support an increasing range of devices, operating systems and applications while maintaining control of costs and protecting corporate data and applications.
  • BT One Mobile secure applications: gives people secure access to business critical applications, wherever they are. It’s a cloud-based platform that manages mobile applications and data in the enterprise and enforces compliance with security policies. With security applied at the level of the individual app, corporate data is secure – even on employee-owned devices. A non-invasive approach means that users’ personal data is separate from the corporate apps and information they use, in compliance with data protection and privacy legislation.

Why BT

BT is the ideal partner to help you unlock new ways of collaborating.

  • Extensive enterprise mobility experience. We’ve helped global brands and national organisations introduce mobility solutions that improve productivity and reduce operating costs.
  • Understanding of the full mobility lifecycle. Our portfolio covers every aspect of managing a mobile environment, from securing mobile devices to delivering a branded app store.
  • Security expertise. We’re one of the largest security and business continuity practices in the world, with 2,000 security professionals globally.
  • Security is in our DNA. BT owns and manages one of the most complex and secure networks in the world.
  • Strong global consulting capability. BT is among only a handful of providers that also has very strong global capabilities in Information Security Consulting and IT.
  • Risk Consulting. Our BT Advise Assure team, consisting of more than 600 security consultants and professionals globally, has been offering security and business continuity expertise to our customers for many years.