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Protect your organisation

Protect your organisation with vulnerability scanning from BT

Organisations are continually updating systems, granting access to users and installing new applications. Because networks are constantly evolving, vulnerability scanning should not be a scheduled one off event, but instead, an ongoing activity so that organisations can reduce their network security vulnerability.

Attack vectors targeting businesses have multiplied rapidly in the last few years. Understanding the intricacies of your network architecture, is the first step to ensuring it is secure from vulnerabilities.

BT’s Security Vulnerability Scanning service enables organisations to identify, analyse, and remediate vulnerabilities in their infrastructure and to protect their critical assets.

  • Our service regularly scans your network for weaknesses so you can locate and secure any potential network vulnerabilities – without placing an additional burden on your IT and security resources.
  • Our high-quality reports not only identify the vulnerabilities accurately but also recommends detailed information that can help quickly fix the root cause.
  • Key features of the service include: detailed scan reports, service availability, flexible deployment options, internal and external scanning, PCI approved scans, robust infrastructure, as well as trend identification.
  • With fully managed or self-service packages available, you can choose the option that works best for you.


Effective vulnerability scanning improves the security of your business

To improve security protection of your business, we recommend that you:

  • Make sure you have identified all of the assets that are critical to your business, and that you have a scanning solution in place that is kept up to date with new vulnerability signatures.
  • Protect your organisation from ever-changing threats by performing and reviewing these scans regularly.
  • Consider bringing in the expertise to set up and manage a vulnerability scanning programme.
  • Enable detailed reporting that allows you to identify vulnerabilities as well as prioritise and track the progress of remediation efforts.

How we can help

Managing your vulnerability scanning in-house can be complex and costly

We know the key challenges in professionally managing vulnerability scanning. That’s why by working with us, we can help you with:

Identifying assets that are most vulnerable to attacks

With ever-expanding security architectures and multiple vendors this can often become a real challenge. Being able to locate and identify your security assets provides the first step to being able to secure them. Our solution helps you to do this.

Prioritising limited resources

Setting up, scheduling, and maintaining regular security scans is time-consuming and takes away valuable IT resource from other, more important strategic tasks. Using our service will allow you to free up resources and improve your security.

Tracking and managing remediation

It takes a considerable amount of time to put corrective solutions in place, and constantly changing business priorities mean that it’s difficult to track and demonstrate that you are remediating effectively. Being able to actively report progress and priorities is a significant step in managing risk mitigation. Our discovery and reporting help you stay on top of this.

Maintaining Security Awareness

Designing, monitoring and maintaining a vulnerability scanning program is a complex task. Zero-day vulnerabilities, unpatched systems, and unauthorized system changes could mean systems are vulnerable to attack.

Verifying Security Posture

IT organisations are continually updating systems, granting and removing access to users, and installing new applications. How do you verify that your network is secure as it should be? Maintaining a vulnerability scanning program will ensure that you have the most up to date information.

Reducing Complexity

Being able to view all of your essential network asset and vulnerability information in a single location is an important feature. Letting us manage and maintain your vulnerability scanning solution simplifies the task of gathering this information and providing accurate reporting against it.

Limited IT Resources

Eliminate the need to recruit and retain specialised IT staff. Outsourcing your vulnerability scanning program can reduce the burden on existing IT staff and free them up to perform their daily tasks.

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