BT Diamond IP - Sapphire Training

BT Diamond IP - Sapphire Training

Dallas, TX, United States
12 September 2014

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All aspects of the Sapphire Appliance installation and operation are conveyed in this course.
Dallas, TX
United States

BT Diamond IP - Sapphire Training


There will be substantial hands-on work during this course, with all participants given the opportunity to install and configure Sapphire Appliances for both Executive and Distributed Services Operation.

Course Objective

To instruct BT Diamond IP Sapphire Appliance customers to install, manage, and troubleshoot the Sapphire Appliance product. This includes:

-Understanding how the Appliance is architected including how it integrates with other IPControl systems and components
-How to image and configure the system
-How to manage and operate the Appliance
-How to upgrade the system