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The reality

Efficiency through the cloud

You need to be agile

If there’s a new opportunity, you should be able to set up a new site as and when you need to. Cheaply, quickly and without too much cost, while getting contractors onto your network without fuss or delay.

And if you work in a seasonal industry, you may only need these sites temporarily, while the demand is high.

You need to be global

More and more, your teams are made up of individuals who may have never met. They’re spread over sites of all sizes – your global headquarters, smaller branches, major hubs, as well as working from home.

But they all need access to the same technology, and with the same experience. They’re demanding to get onto the latest applications, wherever they are. They need to be able to work together, seamlessly – as though they’re all in the same office. They need to be able to communicate, even when they’re travelling.

You need the right infrastructure or expertise

When you’re expanding, it takes time to find the people who can set up your network, while keeping it secure and running smoothly. If you don’t have the right infrastructure in place, it can prolong adding a new site even more.

And the more time it takes, the less chance you have to grab that opportunity.

So how do you make sure it all comes together?

The problem

Collaborate wherever you are

When you have all these separate systems running, it can be difficult to add new people at short notice. It becomes almost impossible to get people to work from home, and yet still have everything they need. It’s tough to move quickly when you realise there’s an opportunity.

You need to be able to get people set up fast, cheaply, and with the option to change your mind later.

What’s getting in the way?

Your old infrastructure.

We’ve found that 56% of people say their Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs) are old and need replacing*. But that’s expensive. If you update it now, in another three years you’ll have to go through the pain again. And it’s expensive to keep it, anyway. Probably costing you 30% more than if you combined everything together, and moved away from that legacy kit.

Upgrading won’t even solve all your problems – it’ll just put a plaster on the wound. You still can’t get those home offices up and running quickly. You still can’t react to customer demands when you need to.

But how do you change everything, without disrupting the entire business?

How we can help

Bring it all into the cloud

We can run all your voice and collaboration software in the cloud. So you don’t need to have all the kit set up in your own offices. That can be anything from basic phone calls, to instant messaging, video conferencing and mobile phones. You won’t need a separate connection. And it can cut your travel costs by about 28%*.

But if you don’t want to push everything into the cloud at once, we can roll it out slowly. You can start out with one office, and we’ll tie that into what you already have.

We make it easy for you to get your people working together as quickly as possible. Regardless of where they are. In fact, we’ve found employees are 30% more satisfied when they work in the cloud. And 28% more productive*.

One supplier, one bill

In total, in combination with our global voice network, we could cut your operating costs by a quarter.

Because we’ll offer everything you need to get going. So you’ve just got to deal with us, instead of loads of different providers for every piece of technology you want. Mobile. Landlines. Video conferencing. Anything to help you work together.

It also means that you just get one bill. And you don’t need to pay to keep your collaboration tools up to date, because we’ll be doing all that on our end.

One price, one user, one month

You don’t need to spend loads on buying new equipment, every time you want another user set up. Instead, you pay for a user a month.

Got a freelancer who’s only with you for two months? Then just pay for two months. Want to test out a new office for six months? Then get it set up, and if it doesn’t work out – you can easily call it a day and shut it down.

One service, multiple backups

We’ve got data centres across the world. And they mirror each other – so if there’s a problem in one place, you won’t lose all your data. And we’ll sort out all the security, too.

*Digital Dislocation in the Workplace - 2016

Joint BT and Cisco research conducted by Davies Hickman Partners Ltd across large organisations in ten markets across North America, Africa and Asia as well as Europe

Key portfolio

Get connected.

We make sure everything we offer will work with the equipment you already have, so you don’t need to waste your investments while you phase them out.

  • BT One Cloud: Your phones and unified comms, in the cloud. So you can scale your service up and down as you need to. It includes One Cloud Cisco based on Cisco’s Hosted Collaboration solution (HCS) and One Cloud Microsoft based on Skype for Business. We also offer SharePoint and Exchange.

Integration with other cloud platforms: We can connect our cloud software with anything else BT, like video MeetMe. And we can connect with third party clouds, like Google or Office 365. Whatever you need.

  • BT One Cloud clients for mobiles and tablets: Microsoft Skype for Business. Cisco Jabber for video conferencing and instant messaging.
  • One Collaborate web: This uses Cisco’s WebEx conferencing with our MeetMe and Dolby voice audio. It lets people share documents, while working over webcam.
  • One Cloud video: Get on a video conference on any mobile devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones). And through any instant messaging program, like Skype for Business.
  • BT Connect applications: We’ll improve how well those critical applications work.
  • BT One Mobile: We’ve got millions of Wi-fi hotspots around the world, and the UK’s biggest 4G network.

Why BT

We understand cloud.

We were working on cloud technology before it even got a name. And now we’ve got data centres across the world, which means we can offer the same price for the same kind of user. No matter where they are. We’ve also got over 19 million Wi-fi hotspots, across 113 countries.

And our cloud services are plugged straight into our wider network. So if you have IP Connect, you’ll be up and running quickly. And if you have our contact centre software, we can sort out the back end technology, as well as the front.

On top of that we can combine our MeetMe with Dolby Voice audio with the rest of our conferencing services.

But don’t just believe us

IDC has named us a ‘leader’ in two reports:

  • the Worldwide Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) Provider 2015 Vendor Assessment
  • the Western Europe Video Cloud Services MNCs 2015-2016 Vendor Assessment.

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