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Faster connections and more digital services

ISDN30 and ISDN30e give you crystal clear call quality for up to 30 phone lines. They’re ideal for businesses with more than eight phone lines and you can use them for connecting people in small offices or at home.

ISDN30e benefits

  • Get call quality - ISDN30 and ISDN30e are high-performance voice and data services. Digital technology gives you great line quality, almost instant connections and crystal clear calls with other ISDN users. Of course, you can make and take calls to and from analogue systems.
  • Data gets through fast - You can depend on fast and error-free data transfer every time. Each ISDN30 connection gives you between eight and 30 independent 64k channels. You can combine them for bandwidth-hungry applications like high-quality video conferencing or transferring big data files. ISDN is also great for wide-area networks linking different offices.
  • Numbers for all your staff - All your people can have direct dial numbers, so callers don’t have to go through a switchboard.

ISDN30e specifications

Up to 64 channels - and as many numbers as you like
With an ISDN30/30e connection you can have between eight and 30 64k channels and use them separately for simultaneous calls over each one.

You can add more connections for more simultaneous calls and/or data bandwidth.

A choice of diversion options helps to keep your business running if there’s a fault.

And you can have as many DDI numbers as you like, so callers can get straight through to your people without having to go through a switchboard.

Choose your equipment
With ISDN 30/30e there’s a wide choice of digital switch or PBX equipment plus phones, faxes and ISDN cards for computers.

Connect to the net
If you don’t have ADSL you can connect to the internet at 64kbps with a single ISDN channel, or at 128kbps with two together.

Presentation Number
Presentation Number is a digital calling and network feature that allows an additional number to be sent along with a customer’s default network Calling Line Identity (CLI) on their outgoing calls. When an outgoing call is made by the customer, the person they are calling will be able to see the Presentation Number on their Caller Display and not the actual (network) line number. If the called party misses the call and subsequently dials Call Return on 1471, they will only hear the Presentation Number.

There are various types of Presentation Number types available on ISDN30e (types 1 to 5).

Digital phone lines across the country

ISDN30e is available in most of the UK. We’ll need to do a survey to make sure we can provide it to you.



User guide

ISDN 30 user guide

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