BT invests in cloud based Unified Communications infrastructure in Latin America.

DC16-393 (19 September 2016)

New Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) node in Brazil to deliver BT One Cloud Microsoft collaboration services to customers across Latin America.

BT today announced the deployment of a Unified Communications service node in Sao Paulo. This will support Latin American customers using the BT One Cloud Microsoft portfolio of collaboration services, including Skype for Business, delivered from BT’s data centres.

By accessing the new Sao Paulo service node, Latin American customers will benefit from enhanced performance of their collaboration services. They will also be able to access new service design options at more competitive conditions, while technical support will be provided by experts based in the region for an optimized customer experience.

The One Cloud Microsoft services, supported by the new node, enable collaboration that helps improve the way people work together. They include Skype for Business delivered from BT data centres, alongside SharePoint and Exchange services. The service runs on a ‘pay-per-user’ model delivered from the cloud, against a monthly fee, offering reliable unified communications without a big capital investment. BT One Cloud Microsoft aims at giving employees of large organisations the freedom to talk and collaborate the way they want to, wherever they are located, while keeping costs down.

The new service node announced today is part of BT’s ongoing investment programme in Latin America, designed to meet the growing needs for networked IT services of its customers across the region.

Bas Burger, president of the Americas at BT

We are continuing to invest for our customers across Latin America to help them increase productivity and become more competitive. Our services support the internationalisation of Latin American companies or ‘multilatinas’, as well as the growth of global corporations investing in the region. The opening of our new Unified Communications node in Sao Paulo is a new milestone in this ongoing effort.”
- Bas Burger, president of the Americas at BT.

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BT investments in infrastructure and new services in Latin America since 2012 include:

Connectivity Infrastructure (BT Connect)

  • 2012 - IP Connect Latam new PoPs in Brazil: Cuiabá, Fortaleza and Vitória
  • 2013 - Ethernet Connect Global two new GPOP in Colombia: Bogotá
  • 2013 - Ethernet Connect Global new GPOP in Mexico: Mexico City
  • 2013 - Ethernet Connect Global new GPOPs in Brazil: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Hortolandia
  • 2014 - Mirror Teleport (hot swapping) implemented in Brazil – Jaguariuna
  • 2014 - Ethernet Connect Global new GPOP in Argentina: Buenos Aires
  • 2014 - Ethernet Connect Global new GPOP in Chile: Santiago
  • 2014 - IP Connect Latam new PoP in Chile: Santiago
  • 2014 - Global Media Network new GPOP in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro
  • 2015 - Launch of Satellite Connect in Chile using Argentina's Teleport
  • 2015 - New teleport in Costa Rica: San Jose
  • 2016 - CFN implemented in Argentina: Buenos Aires
  • 2016 - IP Connect Global new GPOP in Costa Rica: San Jose
  • 2016 - IP Connect Global new GPOP in Panama: Panama City

Data centres (BT Compute)

  • 2012 - Launch of Cloud Compute
  • 2014 - New Tier IV datacenter in Colombia: Naos (Bogotá)
  • 2016 - Hortolandia datacenter infrastructure uplift to become a Tier III certified

Unified Communications (BT One)

  • 2012 - Launch of One Cloud iComms
  • 2013 - Launch of One Collaborate portfolio (BT MeetMe, Webex, Video bridge/GVE, Care Support, Video CPEs)
  • 2013 - Launch of One Cloud Microsoft
  • 2014 - Launch of One Mobile
  • 2014 - One Voice integration to IP Connect Latam
  • 2015 - Launch of BT MeetMe Video
  • 2015 - Launch of BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice
  • 2016 - BT One Cloud Microsoft node in Brazil

Contact Centres (BT Contact)

  • 2012 - Launch of Cloud Contact

Security (BT Assure)

  • 2012 - Launch of Assure Secure web
  • 2012 - Launch of Assure Managed Firewall
  • 2014 - Launch of Assure Threat Monitoring

 Cross portfolio

  • 2014 - Latam Network Control Center (NCCH) deployed in Brazil: Hortolandia
  • 2015 - Service Desk in Hortolandia/Brazil uplift to support services growth and integration with Security

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