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Meraki SD-WAN

Discover Meraki SD-WAN from BT and Cisco - an integrated SD-WAN solution for a less complex, more agile digital future.

BT reference SD-WAN (Cisco Meraki)
Category Networking

What is Connect Meraki SD-WAN?

A simple one-box branch solution to support your digital future.

Supporting your branches as you work towards your digital future presents a lot of challenges. You must deliver advanced LAN, WAN, and wireless LAN services while coping with increased bandwidth demands from complex applications - and do all this securely at scale.

Connect Meraki SD-WAN brings together the key components of any future branch solution, joining together LAN, wireless LAN, SD-WAN, and security in one box. It’s simple to set up and manage, gives you central visibility of your network through an online management portal, and lets you tap into the power of new network technology – including the ability to meet ever-increasing bandwidth demand.

Why invest in Meraki SD-WAN technology?

Combining Cisco technology with BT expertise to bring you the best of both worlds.

As market leaders in global network solutions, we have the expertise to design, implement, maintain, and optimise your SD-WAN solution so you can make the most of new opportunities and technologies.

The most exciting feature of our Meraki SD-WAN service is that it lets you use two different access methods, utilising different technologies like MPLS, business-grade internet, and consumer-grade internet. So you can benefit from an active / active set up rather than a traditional active / backup and get much greater bandwidth capability too.

You can also prioritise your critical applications to send them down the most appropriate route, and the software will manage that for you. For example, if you have speed issues on one route it can intelligently redirect traffic through another to maintain consistent performance.

The service is fully-managed, which means we’ll design, build, and operate it all for you. With us, setting up a new site with a range of complex services is child’s play.

Connect Meraki SD-WAN features

We’re committed to delivering the best SD-WAN solutions on the market. Connect Meraki SD-WAN features include:

  • a managed, branched solution – our service brings together SD-WAN, LAN, wireless LAN, and network security into one simple solution
  • application prioritisation – prioritise your most important applications and let the software intelligently decide the most appropriate route to maintain performance
  • personalised dashboard – keep an eye on network activity with a personalised dashboard, drilling down to understand network and app usage, and performance and security threats by user, site, and region
  • continual optimisation – we improve the design, hold reviews, and offer on-going consultancy for maintained quality-of-service
  • fully managed services – we’ll handle everything from set-up to proactive maintenance, leaving you free to focus on the business-critical work only you can do.

Connect Meraki SD-WAN benefits

What benefits can your business get from Connect Meraki SD-WAN?

  • Deliver improved application performance – SD-WAN capability lets you use two different access methods into a site, and you can prioritise your most important applications for consistently high performance.
  • Understand your network from a single dashboard get oversight of your network by user, site, or region through a simple-to-use dashboard.
  • Dig into the detail access key performance insight including network usage and capacity, top apps and services, security threats, and more.
  • Enjoy a personalised design our Meraki experts will identify the right features for your business for a fully integrated solution.

Why choose Connect Meraki SD-WAN with BT?

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose Connect Meraki SD-WAN with BT and Cisco?

  • Our experience – we design and deliver solutions to the world’s largest MNCs, using that heritage and experience to build a solution works for you.
  • Our security credentials – we have 70 years’ experience protecting countries, governments, and the world’s largest multinational organisations, and we’ll use this to keep your critical networks secure.
  • We're global – our worldwide infrastructure has the logistics to deliver and support your solution on a global scale.
  • We're certified – we’re a Cisco Gold Certified Partner in 18 countries and a Cisco Premier Certified Partner in five.