Network services solutions

The reality

Delivering benefits through NFV/SDN/SD-WAN

Every year in IT, there’s a new buzzword (or three) to describe the features or services that people say will change the way we live our lives. And in the world of networking, some buzzwords (or phrases) that we hear often are Network Function Virtualisation (NFV), Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN).

They offer organisations a vision of flexibility, adaptability and control — not to mention speedier deployment. It all sounds brilliant, but you need a supplier who can deliver on the promise.

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The problem

Meeting the demands of the modern organisation

We have been delivering MPLS networks globally for years. Let’s not forget how brilliant they are, they are the platform that organisations have delivered their services on. Our own MPLS networks offer connectivity just about where ever you are in the world, they offer the bandwidth required to run applications. They carry voice data and much more.

But would you describe them as flexible, would you describe them as quick to deploy, would you describe them as cheap? In the age of the internet is your network making the most of this opportunity?

The traditional network is adapting to meet the needs of the modern organisation, to be more flexible, quicker to deploy and at a lower cost, key to this is the latest technology – NFV/SDN & SD-WANs.

How we can help

Delivering on the promise of NFV/SDN/SD-WAN

Here at BT, we’re already a long way down that road of delivering on the promise of NFV/SDN & SD-WAN. For example, with our Cloud of Clouds strategy, we’ve provided cloud acceleration and cloud security — giving customers a speedy, safe connection to their cloud apps.

Our latest leap forward is the launch of our Connect Intelligence IWAN service, which allows you to take advantage of:

  • application visibility: to monitor, control and improve business-critical application performance
  • WAN traffic balancing: to ensure applications run on the best path, based on real-time understanding of the situation
  • WAN optimisation: for the compression of data and acceleration of applications
  • application experience: to mitigate the impact of uncontrolled software updates in a BYOD environment.

This is just the start; we are already investing in delivering the services of the future. Some of these investments will deliver even more cloud connectivity to third-party providers such as Microsoft, Amazon and Salesforce. And we’re doing this in new locations to give you a faster connection to the services you need. We will also be working with new SD-WAN suppliers to offer more cost-effective solutions and we’re also looking to bring cloud services, such as acceleration, into the mix — making them available across a SD-WAN.

So a NFV/SDN/SD-WAN solution can bring amazing benefits to your organisation, but only if you partner with a supplier who is making the investments to make those benefits a reality.

BT demonstrated that they are in the best position to deliver such a large and complex project for Deutsche Post DHL throughout Asia Pacific in a cost effective way.”
- Ralf Weissbeck, Managing Director IT Services Deutsche Post DHL

Key portfolio

  • Connect Intelligence IWAN – The first global Cisco IWAN solution, which offers acceleration services, security services, reporting and the ability to offload traffic on to the internet
  • Cloud Connect – offering direct connectivity to 3rd party cloud providers, cloud security and acceleration and connectivity to more than 250 data centres across the globe
  • Cloud Compute - Cloud Compute is a pre-provisioned data centre infrastructure that enables you to create, deploy, monitor and manage your own cloud service
  • IP Connect – Our IP Connect service offers an intelligent flexible VPN, the platform to your complete ICT solution. We offer complete coverage globally and in the UK, utilising a range of different access and service options. Cloud connect is an extension of our IP Connect service
  • Internet Connect – Our Internet connectivity comes in a range of different options. We offer business grade connectivity, which is the ideal solution for key applications and .com presence. We also offer a lower cost Internet Connect Reach solution, which has greater reach and perfect for local breakout from a branch network.

An intelligent network has the potential to transform the role of CIOs and their teams because they can be freed from project-by-project resource building, allocation and oversight to spend more time with their C-level peers, focusing on the strategic challenges that will help drive their organisation forward.”
- David Molony, Principal Analyst, Ovum Enterprise Telecoms

Why BT

BT is the ideal partner to help you reap the benefits of cloud.

  • We have the network, recognized by analysts as market leading for its reach and capability. It is the perfect platform to your intelligent hybrid solution.
  • Our Internet Connectivity leads the market because of its reach and range of choices; we can meet the different demands of different organisations.
  • Our technology strategy, the ‘Cloud of Clouds’ allows you to connect easily and securely to the applications and data you need, globally. We have the infrastructure, platform, tools, people, experience and relationships, making us the best partner for you to go on your cloud journey with, both now and into the future.
  • We have the connectivity to the leading 3rd party cloud providers such as Microsoft, AWS and Salesforce, this is direct connectivity offering the assurance of service you need.
  • We have done it before, many times, we have the experience as well as the capability. We can make sure your cloud based solution is a success.