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Network Planning and Assessment

New applications, cloud based technology, and smart devices help you stay ahead of the competition but they put increasing demand on your network. These influences mean your network needs the intelligence to dynamically and securely adjust to the constant changes your business faces. This requires knowledge and planning.  You need to understand your current state to effectively manage all the demands being placed on your network and create a roadmap for growth.

BT’s Network Planning and Assessment services are an iterative journey starting with discovery, including correlation and analysis leading to network intelligence. We help you discover assets, define a baseline and plan your future.  Assessment outcomes turn data into intelligence for planning, standardization, visibility and control of your ICT estate.

The details

Key features

Our Network Planning and Assessment will align your network needs with your business objectives – taking account of user and customer demand.

We correlate, analyse and report findings like number, type and location of assets, vendor notices and capabilities. You will have visibility of outdated devices, security concerns and maintenance overspend to know where you can save money quickly.

We’ll gather information and use automated toolsets to:

  • understand your business and technical needs
  • discover your ICT infrastructure
  • map assets to locations
  • provide detailed analysis and planning on the collected data.

This information is then used to plan a roadmap for your future.

Key benefits

This means you’ll get:

  • a clear understanding of what you have and where it is
  • intelligence on how well you’re currently using your resources
  • key insights into improving your operations – increase agility, reliability and lower cost of ownership
  • all the information you need to justify future spending.

Why BT?

BT is the ideal partner to help you turn your ICT estate into an asset for business intelligence

  • We’ve years of experience working with customers just like you – so everything we do is based on best practice, and tried and tested techniques.
  • Our SMEs have over 20 years’ experience in the network discovery, hardware and software inventory and IT asset management industry
  • We use the best toolset allowing vendor agnostic discovery
  • Our service is an extension of a core due diligence competency we perform for all large scale managed service contracts
  • We have a large complement of consulting and managed services to turn the assessment into intelligence to manage your business effectively