Securing my IT estate

Securing my IT estate

Security solutions

The reality

Protect your network

Managing the risks to your IT estate isn’t a one-off event — it’s something that needs doing day in, day out. Even simple tasks like connecting personal devices to a corporate network need chief information security officers (CISOs) to stay on their toes and keep a lookout for new threats.

In this increasingly connected world, every single connection presents a risk to your data if it’s not managed properly. As your network now extends into a mix of on-premise, private and public cloud environments, data becomes more distributed and the potential for cyber-attack increases.

Securing your IT estate is about protecting your network, data, devices, corporate applications and ultimately your brand. You need to be able to control and secure who can access what and over multiple devices.

The problem

Prevent unauthorised access

Without appropriate basic network and device security measures in place, your IT estate could be vulnerable to serious security threats.

If you don’t address these problems you could jeopardise your entire network; From unauthorised data access to denial of service, there are many ways for hackers to steal information or prevent you from using essential applications.

There is also an increased likelihood of confidential information falling into the wrong hands, potentially wreaking havoc on your brand’s reputation and value.

  • 51% of CEOs surveyed by Ponemon Institute say their company experiences cyber attacks hourly or daily.
  • Annual cost of Cyber Crime – $400 Billion (McAfee)
  • In the UK – one of the prime targets for cyber attack – a recent report by The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) found that 90% of large companies had suffered a security breach.
  • According to one anti-virus vendor (Symantec), over 300 million distinct examples of malware are created in a single year

How we can help

End to end managed security

No single product offers all the protection needed against all forms of attack. It’s not just as simple as buying the latest firewall or an intrusion prevention solution. We can show you how to bring it all together— making it much cheaper and much more effective. We have a comprehensive portfolio of network, security and identity products that guard against the evolving cyber threats that you may face.

Network security is core to our business. We manage and maintain the service for you so you have consistent global SLA’s, retain overall control and visibility, without having to manage the complex day-to-day operational environment.

Our aim is to give you peace of mind. Allowing you to do business without worrying about the security of your corporate network, data and applications.

A one stop shop

For the growing number of enterprises seeking a broader, integrated solution rather than treating security as an isolated silo, BT can offer a one-stop-shop security experience.”
- BT ranked as “Very Strong” in Current Analysis Managed Security Assessment, John Marcus, Jan 2016

Key portfolio

Secure your network

Checking identity

  • BT Managed PKI Security: Create a secure online environment for swapping sensitive information
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine: allows access to people - how, where and when you want.

Securing applications and devices

Why BT

Experience you can trust

  • We have an unparalleled view of all the security threats impacting all the networks that we manage for our global customers, including our own large estate.
  • We’ve been trusted to protect critical infrastructure and we work with the UK’s Ministry of Defence, who demand the highest level of protection. Every day some £250 billion of financial transactions flow over our networks and we secure 20 million card payments. That’s valuable experience we can draw on to meet your needs.
  • With over 2,500 security professionals globally, we’ve got the skills you need. We’re also among only a handful of providers that also has very strong global capabilities in security professional services with over 500 security specific consultants.  We offer the broadest security services catalogue in Europe.
  • Our unique ability to integrate our security products with your BT provided network solutions means that we can provide an unmatched one-stop-shop experience . We provide security services on a truly global scale because of our extensive network and 14 global security operations centres. We can also run your security even if you don’t use our network.

We can keep your data secure today. And as your network evolves we’ll be able to protect it tomorrow.

BT has a pedigree as one of the major MSSPs for MNC customers and has invested in expanding its security services to include IT infrastructure. It also has the most complete global reach, with strategic security staffing and infrastructure in all the major regions of the world. "
- Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Global Telco Managed Security Services Provider, Sep 2014 ,Mike Sapien