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BT Value Add analytics have been designed to analyse communications spend and structure, and highlight areas of waste, inefficiency, cost savings and potential opportunity. The understanding they give you will enable you to make confident, fact-based decisions about your communications and plan for convergence.

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An introduction to BT Value Add analytics
Information is nothing,without understanding.

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This short video will help you understand the concept behind BT’s Value Add applications. They can help you in a number of ways. Help you understand what we’re charging you for. Help you make savings. And help you understand if you could be more efficient. Put plain and simple. Find out if you’re making full benefit of what we can offer.

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Travis Perkins Travis Perkins. Travis Perkins saves a six-figure sum on calls and lines in trustworthy relationship with BT.

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BT OneBillThis short podcast guides you, as a new user, through the log in screens to some of the most useful reports, to introduce you to the benefits of Analyst Converge.

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Empowerment through informationFor any organisation -- corporate or public sector -- there are always better, more efficient ways of working. This short podcast covers the benefits of using Analyst Converge to help make your organisation more efficient.  Why wouldn’t you use it?

>> Analyst Converge: Empowerment through Information YouTube 



An introduction to BT Value add analytics >

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Information is nothing,without understanding.